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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 11/07/2013 3:22 PM
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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Urban Meyer's weekly Power Hour went without incident this week as he provided updates on various Buckeye injuries and also talked about what the team and coaches will be doing during the bye week. Here are the highlights.

Urban Meyer Updates

* Meyer said they have approached this bye week much different than the last one. The last time their focus was rest. This week their focus is maintaining their energy and momentum. He said half of the staff is out recruiting right now.

* Meyer said that Mike Vrabel, Stan Drayton and Mickey Marotti are responsible for getting the team pumped up before each game. He said they do a very good job of it.

* Meyer said three or four weeks ago they made a change on defense to go more aggressive, and it's working. Not just with blitzing and things like that, but also with triggering from the defensive back spots when the ball gets thrown. The players are reacting to the football quicker.

* Meyer attributed the increase in OSU scoring to the improvement over the entire offense, but also because they are getting more three and outs on defense. They are getting good field position as well.

* Meyer said he's seeing some uncomfortable quarterbacks on the other side of the field, and he likes it. He said Purdue was overmatched, but the defense still did exactly what they asked them to.

* Meyer said their zone defense has gotten better with their recognition of pass patterns and then triggering to the ball. He said it comes with time, and this defense has been together for an entire season now. He said they also like to disguise coverages, and that's what they did on Doran Grant's interception return. Meyer said Christian Bryant was great at it.

* He said that after Braxton Miller's interception against Purdue, he came to the bench and explained to the coaches what he did wrong and he knew why he did it. Meyer said a year ago he wouldn't have been able to do that.

* Meyer said the team practiced hard this week, but they'll have the weekend off to refresh their “heart, mind and soul”. “Take care of your family and do right.” And then they'll be back at it Monday morning. He said today's practice was all Illinois. Tom Herman and Luke Fickell are still in town doing film evaluation.

* Meyer said he'll be up in northeast Ohio watching playoff football tomorrow night.

* Asked about the tight ends, he said it's not always easy to get tight ends involved because of the way defenses react.

* Meyer said that Philly Brown is the number one playmaker in the passing game, and Carlos Hyde is the number one playmaker in the running game, but when he's listing his playmakers, he likes going through to figure out who is number two at each, because it can change.

* Meyer said that Ezekiel Elliott didn't come to Ohio State to cover kickoffs, but he understands what he has to do to see the field. “His mom and dad ought to be awful proud.”

* Meyer said “We have the best kicker in the country.” Then added that he didn't know if Basil is the best “kicker”, but his value to Ohio State is vast.

* Meyer said they try to compress the return area on kickoffs to eliminate running lanes. He likes to have a couple of players that he trusts on the field (wide) side on returns to contain a returner who tries to reverse field.

* Meyer reiterated that Taylor Decker should be fine for next week.

* He said Josh Perry had surgery on his finger, it was to stabilize a dislocation, he practiced today. Curtis Grant has an ankle sprain, so he needs to get healthy. Jordan Hall is a question mark. They still have to get Tommy Schutt into football shape.

* Meyer said that for a guy like Kenny Guiton to be a grad assistant at Ohio State, he needs a 3.0 GPA, and he's right around there, so they're pushing him because they want to keep him around the program if the NFL isn't calling him.

* Meyer said they had two or three missed tackles last week against Purdue. They want to be in single digits every week.

* Meyer talked about how far Marcus Hall has come, citing how Hall was suspended a year for academics, and that he's one of the top five most-respected players on the team now because of what he's been through and where he is now.

* Meyer said that before the Purdue game the message was that they shouldn't have to motivate the players after being in the system for two years now. They should only have to show them what they can accomplish if they play hard. He said the team understands that now. He said they try to create a family atmosphere because players always play hard for their family.

* Meyer said it wasn't difficult to get his team ready for the Purdue game. It didn't hurt that there was so much Scarlet in the crowd.

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