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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 09/17/2013 1:44 AM
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Guiton's Top Value is Ability to Accept His Role
By Patrrick Murphy

As a young football player, every kid pretends to be a starting quarterback on the playground. They dream of actually being on the field, leading their team to victory.

On Saturday, Kenny Guiton lived out that dream.

“That’s pretty cool,” said Guiton of his record-producing day in Berkley.

“I’m in my fifth year, getting my first start. Man, it’s a blessing.”

Not only was he able to lead OSU to a win in his first start, but also make his career day look easy.

Guiton managed the offense effectively, finishing with 368 total yards and four touchdowns. That included setting the record for longest play from scrimmage on the second play of the game.
Yet Kenny G is under no delusions about his place on this team.

“Not at all,” was Guiton’s response when asked post game if he was trying to make it difficult for the coaches to decide who to start at quarterback.

"I’ll just be the guy I’ve been forever. I gonna be there, I’ll be a leader, I’ll be helping Braxton no matter what goes on and if my number’s called I’ll do the job that I can do.”

It's that outlook that makes Guiton such a valuable member of his team.

Urban Meyer has stated that when he took over at Ohio State a year and a half ago, he was not sure Kenny would remain on the team.

Guiton’s attitude and work ethic were in serious question, yet he has done a complete 180 in the last year.

This change allowed the fifth-year senior from Houston, Texas, to live out the dream as the quarterback at Ohio State. Guiton is not worried about how many snaps he gets in practice or how many minutes he plays in the game. He does not care if he gets to starts the game or enters only when necessary. His goal is to help this team however he can.

"I try and come out and just lead and let the rest handle itself,” he said.

Braxton Miller is a college superstar and Heisman candidate. He carried the Buckeyes to an undefeated season last year, throwing for over 2,000 yards and 15 touchdowns while rushing for over 1,200 and 13 more scores.

During this offseason, he worked hard to become a better passer in order to be an ever more dangerous weapon.

Fans are yet to see that work pay off, as Miller has played in a little more than one game due to his injury.

In the little time he has played, the junior has completed just over 70% of his passes and rushed for over 80 yards.

Guiton may be ready to accept a backup role again once Miller is healthy, but he has done enough to give his head coach reason to want him in the game.

“I think Kenny will get in the game,” Meyer said regarding when Miller returns.

There are some who believe that Guiton may be the better option at quarterback, but that is an overreaction to Kenny doing his job.

It is rare to achieve dreams of playing quarterback at the collegiate level, but it is even rarer to have a quarterback humble enough to accept the backup position.

Ohio State has a special player in Miller that is not often found in college football. Durability has been Miller’s biggest issue and that is where Guiton’s value comes to the forefront.

With Guiton backing up Miller there is little reason to worry that if Miller is injured there will be no one remaining who can lead OSU to victory.

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