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By the Numbers
By Jeff Amey

For one of the few times since I started doing these breakdowns, I actually felt a little sorry for Ohio State's opponent.  The Buckeye game against Florida A&M should probably never have been scheduled, but the Buckeyes paid the Rattlers $900k to come to Columbus to get their butts whipped, and they got the full 60 minutes worth of it.

There isn't much to take away from a 76-0 pounding of a team as over-matched as the Rattlers were on Saturday, but we did get to see some glimpses of the future of Buckeye football and another record breaking performance by Kenny Guiton.  Had they wanted to, they could've easily hung triple digits on Florida A&M.  It was little better than a glorified scrimmage, with the Buckeyes scoring touchdowns on 11 of their 13 possessions.  Let's hope this is the last time we see a FCS school take the field against the Buckeyes.

Run/Pass Breakdown

80 Offensive Plays--603 yards--7.5 yards per play

                34 pass (43%)--24/34 for 217 yards  6 TD  1 INT

                46 rush (57%) for 386 yards  5 TD--8.4 ypc

13 Offensive Possessions

                Ave. of 6.2 plays--46.4 yards

                Ave. start--FAMU 49

First Down--41 plays (51%) for 332 yards

                16 pass (39%)--10/16 for 99 yards  5 TD

                25 rush (61%) for 233 yards  2 TD--9.3 ypc

                Ave. gain of 8.1 yards

Second Down--23 plays (29%) for 160 yards

                11 pass (48%)--9/11 for 72 yards

                12 rush (52%) for 88 yards  2 TD--7.3 ypc

                Ave. of 8.3 yards to go
                Ave. gain of 7.0 yards

Third Down--12 plays (15%) for 71 yards

                5 pass (42%)--3/5 for 22 yards  1 TD  1 INT

                7 rush (58%) for 49 yards  1 TD

                Ave. of 4.8 yards to go

                Ave. gain of 5.9 yards

                Conversions--6/12 (50%)

Fourth Down--4 plays (5%) for 40 yards

                2 pass (50%)--2/2 for 24 yards

                2 rush (50%) for 16 yards--8.0 ypc

                Ave. of 4.5 yards to go

                Ave. gain of 10.0 yards

                Conversions--4/4 (100%)

Playaction Passing

                3/6 for 38 yards  1 TD

First Downs Earned--29 total

                9 by pass

                17 by rush

                3 by penalty

Formation Type

Under Center--1 play (1%) for 11 yards

                1 pass (100%) for 11 yards  1 TD

Two Backs--14 plays (18%) for 75 yards

                3 pass (21%)--2/3 for 12 yards

                11 rush (79%) for 63 yards  3 TD--5.7 ypc

One Back--57 plays (71%) for 454 yards

                24 pass (42%)--17/24 for 149 yards  4 TD  1 INT

                33 rush (58%) for 305 yards  2 TD--9.2 ypc

No Backs--8 plays (10%) for 63 yards

                6 pass (75%)--4/6 for 45 yards  1 TD

                2 rush (25%) fro 18 yards--9.0 ypc

Run Type--46 attempts

Counter/Trap--1 (2%) for 3 yards  1 TD--3.0 ypc

Inside Zone--2 (4%) for 6 yards--3.0 ypc

Power--7 (15%) fro 33 yards--4.7 ypc

QB designed run--4 (9%) for 23 yards  1 TD--5.8 ypc

QB scramble/sack--2 (4%) for 18 yards--9.0 ypc

Read Option--24 (52%) for 273 yards  3 TD--11.4 ypc

Stretch--3 (7%) for 17 yards--5.7 ypc

Sweep--3 (7%) for 13 yards--4.3 ypc

Other Stats of Note

* 3 offensive penalties for 20 yards

* Ohio State started on the FAMU side of the fifty 6 times--34 points (5 TD)

* 11/12 in the Red Zone--(11 TD)

* No sacks against

* 1 turnover (INT)

* 55/80 plays took place on the FAMU side of the 50--(69%)

* 27/80 plays went for 10+ yards--(34%)

* 17/80 plays went for no gain or loss--(21%)

* Called pass plays first half--35/47 (74%)

* Called pass plays second half--1/33 (3%)

* Total yards gained out of total possible yards gainable--603/637 (95%)

For the third-straight week, there isn't much to say about what the opposing team was able to do successfully against the Ohio State offense.  I'm not sure the Rattlers could've stopped the Ohio State offense if they were allowed to have 12 men on the field instead of 11. The coaching staff treated the game somewhat like a scrimmage. It was clear they spent the first half just working on the passing game, calling 35 pass plays out of 47 total, and 23 of the first 25. The second half was pretty much the backups working on basic plays.

Getting a chance to see the younger players on the field is probably the most interesting thing to come from the day. The younger receivers didn't get much work in the passing game, but the day did confirm something we already knew. The Buckeyes go very deep at the running back spot. With Carlos Hyde returning to the lineup this week, I would say the Buckeyes are now legitimately five and possibly even six deep at running back.


Another game, another day for the record books for Kenny Guiton.  His six first-half touchdown passes broke the school record for most in a game. Once again, he looked very good in the passing game, setting career highs in completions and attempts. Florida A&M likes to blitz and play man to man.  There were several times in the first half that Guiton stood in the face of the blitz and delivered the ball when he knew he'd take a hit. I'm left wondering if maybe Guiton isn't a little better in this area than Braxton Miller.

While there might not be a full-blown quarterback controversy, especially according to both Coach Meyer and Guiton himself, this might turn into a delicate situation with the fans if things aren't handled well when Braxton is healthy enough to return. Had Guiton not looked so good in his nearly three full games of playing this probably wouldn't be an issue, but he's looked fabulous, and in some ways has looked better than Braxton ever has. The only problem with this line of thinking is that he's faced three defenses that clearly weren't all that good. It's easy to get caught up in all of this, but you have to keep in mind those last three teams are a combined 2-8 on the year.

The second half saw the first game action for redshirt freshman Cardale Jones.  He didn't get much work in the passing game, having only one pass called in which he ended up scrambling, but we did get a long look at him running the ball, finishing with 52 yards on 8 carries and his first career touchdown.  He seems to have a deceptive speed similar to Terrelle Pryor for such a big guy, and it was clear he was a strong runner. There really isn't much more to take away from the game about him.

Grade--(A)  It's clear that Guiton is settling into his role a little better each game. He looked like even more of a leader than he has been out there this week.  I actually feel a little bad for Braxton Miller. Without doing a thing wrong, he's lost some of the support of the fan base.

Running Backs

With his three game suspension served, Carlos Hyde returned to the Buckeye backfield and picked up right where he left off last season after a few early carries to knock off the dust. His fourth and fifth carries featured him barreling through defenders. He brings that element of power that has been missing from the backfield so far this season. Between Jordan Hall, Hyde, and Rod Smith, that is a pretty powerful 1-2-3 punch for the Buckeye backfield. When you add in the speed of Dontre Wilson in his limited role, it can make you almost giddy.

By far the most impressive thing to come out of the offense in this game was Ezekiel Elliott ripping off 162 yards and two touchdowns on just 14 carries in the second half. He might not see much more field time the rest of this season, but with the quickness with which he hit the holes and natural vision he showed on his carries, you can tell this kid has a bright future as long as he does all the right things off the field. Warren Ball also added in 49 yards on 7 carries in the second half.

With the Buckeyes going a legit 5 or 6 deep, it's going to be hard to keep all of those guys happy with touches, but on the bright side, it seems they are a pretty tight-knit group.  The backs not in the game were the first over to congratulate whichever back was on the field when they had a good play. Things like that are good indicators of how things are going behind the scenes in the locker room. The team truly seems to have developed a family type atmosphere, and it's good to see.

Grade--(A+)  The Buckeye running game was like a battering ram.


There really isn't a whole lot to say this week. The Rattlers tried to blitz a lot and play man coverages behind it, but they had no real luck sticking with the Buckeye receivers. When Guiton had time, he could've gone just about anywhere he wanted on the field. All of the main receiving threats finished the day with a touchdown except Corey Brown, and Evan Spencer, who we've waited on to break out as a receiver, pulled in a team high four catches and two touchdowns. Jeff Heuerman doubled his reception total for the year with four catches and the first touchdown reception of the record-breaking day.

The only real black mark on the day was James Clark going down to what looked like a serious leg injury. While he probably wasn't going to contribute much to the offense this season, you hate to see the young guys go down like that in a blowout that doesn't really mean all that much.

Grade--(A-)  I have to take off a little bit due to a couple of drops, but all in all it was a good day for the receiver corps.

Offensive Line

This is probably the group that the least could be taken away from in this game. The FAMU defensive line was so over-matched, it almost wasn't fair. About all that can be said is that the Buckeye line was tested in blitz pickups with how much the Rattlers liked to try to bring heat. For the most part, the line did a pretty good job and Guiton stayed clean most of the day. The Buckeyes played a lot of players here, and all of them had success in this game.

Grade--(A)  Things get real again next week. Wisconsin might not have a stifling defense, but they did post two early shutouts and held Purdue to just 180 yards last week. On the bright side, they gave up nearly 500 to Arizona State the week before.

Offensive Coaching/Gameplan

If things keep going the way they are, I'm going to run out of different good things to say about the offensive coaching staff this season. I like how the offense is developing. I like how the players are growing into the offense. The team looks well-prepared and hungry. It was clear they treated this game as a glorified scrimmage, and as such, there just isn't a whole lot to say about the game this week.

The only real danger I can see is how they handle the quarterback situation, but that seems to be more of an issue for the fans than it does the players and coaches at this point. What do they do if Miller does start next week and struggles to be himself? I agree with Tony Gerdeman that starting Guiton and working Miller in is probably the best way to control the situation and avoid a full-blown controversy, at least outside of the program. The last thing we all need is a championship run ruined by controversy at the quarterback position.

Grade--(A+)  With the offense scoring touchdowns on 11 of 13 possessions, and gaining 95% of the total yardage possible in this game, there isn't much to not like.

Special Teams

Against a team like FAMU, you would expect the special teams to have a few good plays, and they didn't disappoint, blocking a punt and nearly returning one for a touchdown.  The rest of the special teams were their normal solid, but not spectacular selves. Drew Basil has still not missed this season.  Cameron Johnston only punted once, but still has not allowed a punt return yard. Coverage was pretty good overall on kickoffs when they actually landed on the field of play.

Grade--(A-)  As long as special teams continue to help and not hurt, I'll take it.

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