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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 08/24/2013 3:45 AM
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Gigi Meyer Dishes on Urban, Aaron, Ohio State, and Tebow
By Michael Chung

Gigi Meyer gave Ozone readers some insight into the Meyer household and other facets last year. Her dad had just finished year one at Ohio State and Ozone decided to ask Gigi if she could update us on some insider info on things that are related to her dad, Ohio State, and others. You can read her first interview here.

Buckeye fans all know that while Gigi’s dad was at Florida, he was consumed with perfection but this obsession almost cost him his life. How is her dad doing after year one? Aaron Hernandez is also in the news and Gigi had eyewitness accounts of him, which she shares briefly, and of course Ozone will ask about America’s QB Tim Tebow.

She is currently a junior at FGCU and plays collegiate volleyball. If you follow her on Twitter, you will know that Gigi is an avid wake boarder. Here is her the-Ozone interview.

Ozone:  Your dad is clearly a new man and appears to be keeping his contract; how is your dad really doing?
My dad has been very diligent on following the rules of the contract. The main focus was his improving his health. At Florida, his health was not a priority, which is not good at all. Now, he prioritizes his health. Another focus was his time spent with the family. To this day, he continues to call/text the family daily, and makes attempts to come watch me play in a couple volleyball games. So he is doing great all around.

Ozone: Tell me your memories of Aaron Hernandez and your first thoughts when the story broke?
All I can say really is that Aaron was great to our family. We had him over to the house a lot and I would find him reading the bible to my dad. I was shocked, and I feel sick and sad for everyone who is involved.

Ozone: You said last year you felt your dad would be at Ohio State for 6-7 years; after watching him after year one, do you still think this time frame is accurate?
It's hard to tell honestly. He's going do whatever he feels is right, so I won't make any predictions.

Ozone: Before Timmy (Tim Tebow) signed with the Patriots, were there any talks about Timmy coming to OSU and being a coach?

I wasn't aware of any talks of Timmy coming to OSU to coach. I know that his main focus was to find the team he wanted to play for, yet I'm sure my dad would have Timmy coach with him in a heart beat. However, Timmy wants to play. He's still very young and his passion is to be out on the field, not on the sidelines. So it's a good question if Timmy will be a coach someday. BUT if Timmy were to decide to coach one day, I would very hope that he'd be standing next to my dad!

Ozone: Anyone on the team that you have become close friends with?
It's been hard to get to know the players, considering that I'm across the country. When I used to live at home, I became close with many players. They were family, and they still are! It's just harder for me to build that relationship with them when I'm only there a few months out of the year.

Ozone: You were around both your dad’s championship teams at UF; how does this year’s team compare? What is your dad saying in regards to this year’s team? Honestly, my dad isn't very talkative about the team when he's at home. Rather, he uses our family as an escape from work, which is a good thing in my opinion! I'll ask him questions and he'll give me vague answers, then turn it around and ask how my day was. And that's what I absolutely love about him. So to be completely honest, I know just as much about the team as you do. As far as the championship teams from Florida, their leadership was unreal. And I'd like to see some of that leadership this coming season.

Ozone: Your mom and dad are both very busy; how do they spend time together? Do they have a date night? They both are very busy, yet they do a lot of events together so that's a good way to spend time with each other. My dad calls my mom like eight times a day too so I'm sure she doesn't really ever miss him too much. He somehow makes sure to bring my mom to as many events as he can, because he seriously can't go too long without her. She travels to every away game as well! I'm very very thankful for the relationship they have. A lot of people have parents with bad relationships. I thank God every day for the strong relationship my family has because it sets a great example to Nicki, Nate, and me.

Ozone: Do you know how Earle Bruce influenced your father? Coach Bruce is one of the best and most respected coaches in college football history. And he is a great friend of the family's. But how he influences my dad is a great question. I'm not really sure exactly how he influences my dad, but the fact that Coach Bruce was so successful is a major reason to look up to him.

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