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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 02/22/2013 1:39 AM
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Five for Friday: Games That Will Shape the BCS
By Tony Gerdeman

After being subjected to some pretty rough basketball of late, it's time to start looking forward to the college football season and a few of the great games that we will get to see.

Every season has its gems, though for the last few seasons those gems are becoming more and more rare. This year, however, things seem fairly promising. Even if there were only a couple of great games on the schedule, it would still be better than anything you're doing right now, and you know it.

So let's take a look at a few of the games that will decide who plays for the BCS Championship, and a few of the games that will decide who chokes and allows yet another SEC team to sneak in.

(In chronological order)

1. August 31st - Georgia at Clemson.
The loser of this game will have their season ruined. Not because one loss will knock them out of the national title picture, but because their second loss later in the season will. The winner of this game could still sneak into the BCS Championship Game with one loss. I can't wait for this game because it's the ACC's version of Clemson against the SEC's version.

2. September 7th - Notre Dame at Michigan
Think about these two teams what you will, but this game represents the most likely loss for either team until November. The winner will be catapulted into September's heart, where it will feed on AP votes and codgerly respect. If the Irish win, they may not be underdogs in a game until November 30th when they travel to Stanford.

3. September 14th - Alabama at Texas A&M
This is everybody's game of the year because of what happened between these two teams last year. Johnny Manziel and A&M made the Crimson Tide look positively Big Ten-ish in their Tuscaloosa matchup. No doubt since then Nick Saban has been consulting The Oracle to devise a way to stop the Aggie offense. A loss for Alabama will approach meaninglessness, while an Aggie win will set up a rematch between the two in the BCS Championship Game. Joy of joys.

4. November 23rd - Texas A&M at LSU
If LSU is still a major program, then they must put an end to this Texas A&M stuff. If the Aggies get by the Tigers, then Les Miles may as well sell his house and apply for the Louisville job that just opened because LSU has hired Charlie Strong. The SEC needs to stand up. Yes, Texas A&M is now an SEC school, but they're still a Texas school. Just punch them in the face, for crying out loud. It always works on the Longhorns.

5. November 30th - Ohio State at Michigan
Right now, this looks like the Buckeyes' best chance to be an underdog next season. I have said several times before that Brady Hoke is Lloyd Carr 2.0, and a win over an undefeated Ohio State team to end the regular season would certainly stink of the Carr era. Can't nobody be original anymore.

Bonus: October 12th - Florida at LSU
I feel like this game is going to be played between a couple of middle children who don't get enough attention at home and so they have to lash out by getting busted for shoplifting at the carry out every few months or so. They just want to be loved!

Bonus: TBA - Florida State at Clemson
Yeah, I know, it's the ACC. The ACC is to hype what dollar store food is to anticipation. None of it lives up to anything. Still, there's a chance that both teams could be highly ranked. Or even more likely, that one team is highly ranked and chokes.

Bonus: October 5th - Ohio State at Northwestern
Before you lock in the Buckeyes to be 11-0 when they get to Ann Arbor, there is the small matter of this little game in Evanston. Jim Tressel stopped taking Northwestern lightly after losing there in 2004. After that loss, he beat the Wildcats by an average score of 51-9. Will Urban Meyer need a similar loss before he can revel in such dominance?

Bonus: September 7th - South Carolina at Georgia
Oh yeah, the SEC has an East Division. This is their best game. If Georgia loses this game, they could start the season 0-2. The fanbase would call for Mark Richt's head every week of the season. They will get especially mad when the Bulldogs finish the regular season 10-2, and cite Richt for spoiling what should have been a perfect season.

Bonus: TBA - Louisville at Cincinnati
This game is included because it is the only one on Louisville's schedule against a team that doesn't poop itself, and then play in its own mess without regard for sanitation. You might not think this game is important, but it could be the difference between your one-loss team making the BCS Championship Game or playing Notre Dame the week before.

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