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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 11/19/2013 3:06 PM
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Two-Minute Drill: Updates From the Big Ten Coaches Teleconference
by Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Urban Meyer spent 10 minutes taking questions on the Big Ten teleconference this week and talked a bit about his special teams, as well as the impact that Carlos Hyde has had on running back recruiting. Kevin Wilson spoke after Meyer and talked a bit about the challenges that Ohio State provides.

Urban Meyer Updates

* Meyer said that it's common to have a couple of offensive players on punt coverage, but they've got five right now and they're busy teaching them how to tackle in the open field. “It depends on the athlete. Ezekiel Elliott seems to pick it up just fine.”

* Meyer said that Carlos Hyde is in better shape now, which has allowed him to be better in the second level than he was last year.

* Meyer said that this week is different than other weeks when they're huge favorites because they saw what Indiana did to Michigan and Michigan State. He cited the maturity on the team and said he's not worried about it at all.

* Meyer said that he hopes Jack Mewhort gets noticed for national awards for linemen. He said he's one of his favorite players he's ever coached. “He's a lot like John Simon. He just has that incredible respect. And he's also got a sense of humor, he's a locker room guy.”

* Meyer said they try to treat everybody like they deserve, which is one of the reasons he always talks up the scout team.

* Meyer said last years game against Indiana is still on their minds. He said last year was more about tackling and leverage, as well as lack of effort.

* He was asked about the power running game and the offense's identity: “That's absolutely who we are.”

* Meyer said Carlos Hyde rushing for 1,000 yards this season will help with recruiting, and they're seeing it right now as they are in talks with some very good players. They are getting to see a power running game in Ohio State's spread offense.

* Meyer said he's not changing his approach moving forward with Ohio State dropping in the BCS. He said they have too many other things to worry about right now.

* Meyer said that Joshua Perry will practice today, and Curtis Grant will try to go to do. Perry is probably and Grant is still questionable to play this weekend.

Kevin Wilson Updates

* Wilson said this week is going to be a challenge for his team. He said it's Ohio State's whole offensive package, you can't just focus on Carlos Hyde. They stress you wide and also with a mobile quarterback, and then they hit you with Hyde. He called him a “quality part of a quality offense”.

* Wilson said they didn't handle their opponent or the elements well in last week's loss to Wisconsin.

* Wilson said they didn't play well last week and fell behind, which forced them to abandon the run. They can't allow that to happen this week. They can't have a bad start and turn the ball over against Ohio State. “If we don't learn from it, then we're not going to be a good football team.”

* Wilson said it will be a stretch to get starting running back Tevin Coleman back this week. He's probably a week away. He said they've got a few injuries like everyone. He called it a part of the game, a part of the season. “We've got a number of guys out, but nothing dramatically changing.”

* Wilson said that while Ohio State has given up some passing yards this season, they sack the quarterback a lot. They also score quickly on offense, which puts the defense on the field a lot, which means they'll give up more yards simply because offenses are given more opportunities. He called Ryan Shazier dynamic and active.

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