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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 11/24/2013 7:24 PM
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The Buckeye Watch
by Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Buckeyes' 42-14 win over Indiana was certainly a sight to see, and not just for football reasons. The snow was a rarity in Ohio State football, despite what you may hear from Southerners recruiting against Urban Meyer and OSU. The wind swirled, and Braxton Miller twirled.

Defensively, the Buckeyes held an Indiana offense in check that hasn't been held in check much this season. Yes, they got some yards, but they didn't find the endzone until the final six minutes of the game. With just a week separating Ohio State from the Michigan game, the Buckeyes came out focused for an overmatched foe, and most importantly, they got through the game healthy.

Now we just have to wait for the clock and the calendar, because Saturday is going to take forever to get here.

3:09 It's a pretty awesome scene here right now with the snow swirling and never actually landing on the ground. It goes up, goes down, comes back up. It's like watching a Michigan football season. Except, of course, a Michigan football season eventually comes crashing down.

3:25 I never get tired of the Brady Hoke Headset Watch at the end of Michigan games. When will he finally tune in!? Nobody knows!

3:33 It's cold, and the Buckeyes are receiving. Indiana should onside kick every time. They'll get the ball back even more quickly by giving up shorter touchdown drives.

3:36 Third and three. It's a quarterback draw and Braxton Miller follows Carlos Hyde through the hole for 41 yards. You'd think a defense would key on those two.

3:37 From the 16-yard line. Hyde gets the ball, bounces it outside twice, and scores absolutely easily with stellar perimeter blocking. They can do this all day long, and maybe they will. Buckeyes lead it 7-0.

3:44 Adolphus Washington is out there with Joey Bosa, Michael Bennett and Noah Spence. I like that against a spread offense like this. You don't necessarily need a traditional nose tackle against the Hoosiers.

3:45 Ryan Shazier and Joshua Perry drop D'Angelo Roberts for a loss of two. Indiana will punt. Jordan Hall is back for Philly Brown. Where's Philly?

3:47 Crowd cheers as the Michigan score is shown on the scoreboard. Show some class!

3:50 There is some intense snow going on right now. Carlos Hyde picks up four yards and then three yards. Gotta love three yards and a cloud of snow.

3:51 Miller keeps it on the read and goes untouched, flipping into the endzone without a single flag thrown. What evil world are we living in here? That was a great read by Miller. Buckeyes now lead it 14-0. Not a surprise that Ohio State is having such success on the ground – they're running with the wind.

3:58 Roberts loses two thanks to Joey Bosa and Ryan Shazier. Those two should have their own detective show. Shazier could be the grizzled veteran and Bosa would the brash rookie. Bosa would rub people the wrong way by never doing things by the book, and Shazier would be like, “Hey, rookie, you remind me of me. Let's go crack some heads.” Indiana punts it into the endzone.

4:04 Play-action, Miller escapes, fumbles, and Indiana recovers it. No carries for Carlos Hyde, and your drive ends without a score. It's not a coincidence.

4:08 Indiana will settle for a field goal, but first we will reach the end of the first quarter. The Buckeyes lead it 14-0 and their first quarter domination continues.

4:13 Mitch Ewald's 42-yard field goal attempt is...no good! He doinks it off of the upright. Hilarious.

4:15 Braxton Miller has six carries for 100 yards, and Hyde is 10 shy of 1,000 on the season. Throwing the ball around is nice, but November in the Big Ten is for running the ball, and few teams do it better than the Buckeyes.

4:18 Third and 10. Miller drops back, and immediately looks for Hyde in the flats, but it's too high and incomplete. That would've been a three-yard loss. Where's the downfield look? Miller doesn't seem comfortable throwing the ball lately. The Buckeyes punt.

4:22 Screen pass to Stephen Houston, and Ryan Shazier just destroyed both Houston and the screen. I'm surprised Shazier didn't get flagged for targeting Houston's soul.

4:25 Indiana will punt. It's blocked by Bradley Roby and picked up by Ron Tanner! He returns it to the eight-yard line. First down Buckeyes.

4:26 Kenny Guiton comes in. It's a reverse to Braxton Miller, who offers up a dead leg before bursting for the corner and diving over a defender and landing on his head. It's a touchdown. Buckeyes lead it 21-0. The Hoosiers defended it perfectly, and still weren't able to stop it. Have fun scouting that one for absolutely no reason this week, Michigan.

4:32 Michael Bennett gets a sack as he blasts through the left guard. He's too quick for a solid Indiana offensive line. What does that mean for next week against Michigan.

4:33 Indiana punts, and it's nearly blocked by Ezekiel Elliott. There is now a media timeout. Here's a secret – the media timeouts aren't for television commercials, they're so that we can go and get more food.

4:36 Carlos Hyde needs seven yards. He gets the ball and picks up seven yards. He now has 1,000 yards rushing on the season.

4:40 Miller drops back and throws it to Dontre Wilson at the sticks, but Wilson drops it on third down. The Buckeyes will punt.

4:50 Fourth and six from the Ohio State 26-yard line. Sudfeld drops back and gets sacked by Bennett and Company. Bennett is unstoppable right now.

4:51 Buckeyes get the ball back with 1:29 to play in the half from their own 30-yard line. Hyde gets the first carry and picks up 15 yards. Miller keeps it on the next play and picks up 17 yards. Such is life with a hurry-up run offense.

4:51 Miller drops back, he's got Jeff Heuerman wide open if he sees him. He does, and drills the tight end at the five-yard line, where he was nearly broken in half by a defender.

4:52 Hyde gets the first-down carry and jukes his way into the endzone. That drive took four plays and all of 52 seconds to go 69 yards. Not bad. Buckeyes lead it 28-0.

4:54 With 37 seconds left, this would be a good time to run off and get more food since Indiana will just take a knee and I won't have to deal with any lines.

4:57 I am standing with my plate of food watching Indiana try to score. Don't they realize that I'm busy.

5:09 This might be the first time I've ever seen fireworks in the snow. Columbus should try this every year. They can call it “Red, White and Freeze to Death”.

5:16 Florida just lost to Georgia Southern. In football. Buckeye fans better hope Urban Meyer doesn't destroy Ohio State the same way he did Florida when he leaves Ohio State. Things are so bad in Gainesville that not even Will Muschamp – a man with no prior head coaching experience – can turn Florida into a winner. I'm as shocked as you are.

5:18 It looks like half of the stadium went home at the half, and I can't blame them. It's cold, dark, windy and snowy. There's no reason to be going through all of this sober.

5:23 The game is back on. It's hard to see because of the snow. Indiana has a couple of first downs. Something happened. Can't see from up here. Can no longer see the ball. I feel like we need to add more aluminum foil to the antenna.

5:29 Third and goal from the 19-yard line. I wonder what the success rate is on this down and distance. Uh oh, Joey Bosa and Tommy Schutt combined for a sack. Just a couple of five-star bros bro-ing. There is some ridiculous talent and youth on this defensive line, and zero seniors.

5:30 Mitch Ewald will now set up for a 41-yard field goal. It goes off of the left upright! He's 2-2 on uprights today. If he played the lottery, he'd miss each number by one.

5:34 The Buckeyes just ran the same quick hitch three times in a row and on the third time Greg Heban finally picked it off. At least try to make Indiana think you respect their defense.

5:40 Fourth and five from the 33-yard line. Indiana will go for it here, though I'd simply tell Ewald to aim for the upright in the middle. The play is being changed. It's an incompletion with Cameron Burrows in coverage. He did a nice job in place of Doran Grant on that one.

5:42 I'm already cold and I'm not even down on the field yet.

5:43 Third and four. Ezekiel Elliott comes in for Hyde. Miller play-actions, avoids a sack somehow, escapes, ducks, dodges, spins, spins again, and picks up 17 yards on what should have been a five-yard loss. He has a huge smile. I'm guessing he's not the only one.

5:44 There's a tap pass to Dontre Wilson, and he squeezes through a pair of defenders for the 24-yard touchdown “pass”. He has too much speed. Buckeyes lead it 35-0. Wilson is the leading receiver today for the Buckeyes after getting almost no action last week.

5:55 Indiana has driven all the way down to the Ohio State three-yard line with Tre Roberson running things. He runs it again, but gets hit by Shazier for a loss of two. He fumbled, but landed right back on the ball. Shazier has been extremely impressive today. That's the end of the third quarter. They're bringing out the brooms now to sweep off the yard lines.

6:00 Fourth and goal from the two. The pass is dropped by Cody Latimer with Burrows again in solid position. Ohio State ball with 98 yards to go.

6:02 Jordan Hall and Dontre Wilson are in the game together. Wilson gets it and goes up the middle for 16 yards. We'll see that more next year, but we're seeing it today so that Michigan can't just focus on Wilson being the wide guy.

6:05 It's a bit of a loaded pistol look. Miller play-actions to Hyde, Wilson runs out for the swing pass, and Miller targets Devin Smith on the deep post for the touchdown, and Smith bounces off of the goal post like a Mitch Ewald field goal attempt. And now Urban Meyer just gave a loving forearm shiver to Devin Smith. Buckeyes lead it 42-0.

6:18 Alright, it's time to head down to the field. If you don't hear from me again, it's because my pen froze.

7:58 Oh, I almost forgot – Happy Michigan Week!

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