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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 10/19/2013 11:51 PM
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Two-Minute Drill: Updates From the Ohio State Postgame
by Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State moved to 7-0 on the season and 3-0 in Big Ten play. After the 34-24 win over Iowa, Urban Meyer and several of his players spoke about the win. Here are the highlights.

Urban Meyer Updates

* Meyer started off by thanking the crowd for giving them noise and energy when they needed it.

* Meyer said it was key that Iowa only had the ball for seven minutes in the second half. He said he knew Iowa was going to be physical, and they were. He called Iowa's defensive line physical and outstanding.

* Meyer said the Buckeyes threw it on first down more than they have all season, and it led to a lot of second and short situation.

* He said he was disappointed in the defensive effort in the first half, saying that Iowa's offensive line was pushing them around.

* On the Bradley Roby ejection, Meyer said, “I thought it was below”, referencing that he thought the hit was below the head and neck area. But then he said that he was once fined $30,000 for going after a referee, so he wasn't going to say anything further.

* Meyer called Carlos Hyde's 19-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter “wild”.

* Regarding his view of the defense, he said that he's more of a “yeller and screamer”, and he leaves the defensive adjustments to the defensive coaches.

* Meyer talked about how Philly Brown has become more of an emotional leader, and has picked up some of the slack left by Christian Bryant's injury. “He was phenomenal today.” He called him “an incredible leader.”

* On the 85-yard touchdown pass to Iowa tight end Jake Duzey, Meyer said that he was very concerned his defense couldn't catch him, joking that they needed to “find out who was giving us these 40 times.”

* Meyer said, “I think Taylor Decker is coming of age. I feel good about him.” He said he called the offensive line up after the game because they deserved the recognition.

* Meyer said that Braxton Miller looked good today and practiced well all week. He said he can tell when Miller is feeling good because he's running and carrying out his fakes, and he was doing that today.

* Asked about getting Dontre Wilson involved more in this game, and he said Wilson “knows he's not going to play much unless he becomes more of a complete player.” The coaches had talked about using him in different ways during the week, and that showed in a variety of ways. One of them was the ball fake that led to the 58-yard touchdown pass to Philly Brown, which sucked up a safety and emptied the middle of the field. He said the defense reacts to Wilson when he is in the game, and they used that.

Braxton Miller Updates

* Miller said, “I feel pretty good.” He did say that his knee brace restricts him a little bit. He said that he hasn't felt this good since the start of the season, and said, “The O-line did a hell of a job” protecting him.

* Asked about the defense struggling in the first half, and he said, “Sometimes is ain't going to go as you want it to go.” He added that that's why there's two sides of the ball.

* Miller said they talked at halftime about how little they had the ball, and that Iowa was basically just trying to burn the clock. So they knew they needed to get some stops on defense so that they offense could get a chance. He said the offense and defense leaned on each other, “and that's how it should be.”

* Miller said that Iowa played a lot of cover two with a man under, and he said he hadn't seen that defense since fall camp. “We made an adjustment with it. I just read the coverages. If the first read isn't there, it's easy enough for me to get the first down on my feet.”

* Miler said that Carlos Hyde told him that it was good to see him making those sharp cuts again.

Evan Spencer Updates

* Spencer said it was frustrating in the first half because they just weren't getting the ball, but they got it going in the second half.

* On the deep pass that he almost came down with, he said he had it in his hands, but he wasn't sure if it got punched out. That was the play where he hurt his knee, but he said he'd be fine. His knee was wrapped in ice after the game.

* Asked about Carlos Hyde, he said it's hard to put into words the impact that Hyde has on this team.

* He said the Roby ejection got under their skin, but they knew they had to keep playing. They also knew they needed to play better. He said it didn't light a fire, because it was already there, but “that just kind of added to the flame.”

* When told that Braxton Miller may not yet be 100%, he said, “Making some of the cuts he was making, I didn't know you could do that and not be 100%.”

Ed Warinner Updates

* Warinner said that Carlos Hyde is a really good tailback, and when you combine him with this offensive line, they become special.

* He said the offensive line was energized coming off of a bye week, and they were ready to get after another quality Big Ten defensive line. He also said that Iowa's defensive line presented some challenges, so the extra week helped in preparation.

* He said it's a lot of fun to watch his offensive line work as a unit right now. He said Taylor Decker is playing very well.

* Warinner said his offensive line wanted a rushing touchdown very badly. “They were reminded of that multiple times per day.” He said he told them about it every day, and Meyer talked to them about it specifically. He said it was a challenge, and getting a rushing touchdown was integral to winning this game.

* Asked about Hyde not having a single negative carry, he said that's a product of Hyde's vision and power, and the offensive line not missing many assignments.

Marcus Hall Updates

* Hall said that they knew they needed to stay on the field in the second half, so they were ready to go back to the running game.

* Hall called Carlos Hyde the best running back in college football. He said Hyde tells him when they go, he goes, so they go.

Luke Fickell Updates

* Asked about Philly Brown's emergence as a leader, he said that Brown can say what he wants now because his actions have backed it up. “That's what excites you as a coach.”

* Asked about the targeting play, Fickell said he didn't know if it was a good call or bad call, but they have to coach it better. He said there was a trickle-down effect when Roby goes out of the game, because players all move up a spot.

* Curtis Grant said after the game that he couldn't have gotten through the recent loss of his father without his family on the football team, and Fickell said, “We try to be that extension of home. That's what a family is all about.”

Carlos Hyde Updates

* Hyde started by giving all of the credit to his offensive line. Asked what it's like to be “the man”, Hyde said he doesn't think of it like that, he's just thankful for the carries. “I just try to cherish those moments. It's just fun being out there with your brothers and having success on the running side. It's pretty cool.”

* Hyde said there was definitely some motivation in playing against Iowa, knowing that they hadn't given up a rushing touchdown or allowed a 100-yard rusher. He said he told people all week that “we're going to do what we do.” He said Ed Warinner told his offensive linemen that if any of the receivers get stopped at the one-yard line, they better get ready to run the ball.

Jack Mewhort Updates

* He said trailing at the half was nothing they haven't dealt with before, and they weren't too concerned.

* Mewhort said that one of the reasons Urban Meyer likes his offensive line so much is because they work hard, and they embrace it. They know they're not a finished product.

* He said they love putting the team on their back when the chips are down. But he also knows that with the number of weapons on the offense, as long as they do their jobs, the playmakers will make something happen.

* Mewhort said sometimes blocking for Braxton Miller can get you winded after the fact, but while Miller is scrambling around it's fun and “it's why you play football.”

* Mewhort was told that Carlos Hyde said he's going to take his offensive line out to a buffet after the season, and he said, “We should take him to a buffet. We're blessed to have a guy like him back there.”

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