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Last updated: 12/04/2013 5:37 PM
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BCS Stumping by Auburn's Jacobs Borders on the Ridiculous
By Rob Ogden

For Ohio State fans, everything fell into place Saturday night when Auburn knocked off then-No. 1 Alabama, putting the Buckeyes in position to play for a national championship. But you didn't think it would be that easy, did you?

By now, you've likely heard the comments of Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs, who was making the case that his one-loss Tigers, now No. 3 in the BCS, should have the chance to play for the title over an undefeated Ohio State.

"An SEC team can't get left out of the (championship game) with one loss," Jacobs told USA Today. "We just beat the No. 1 team in the nation, and a team ahead of us struggled today, I understand," (referencing the Buckeyes' 42-41 win at Michigan).

Coming off the win over Michigan, No. 2 Ohio State will play No. 10 Michigan State for the Big Ten title in Indianapolis Saturday night. Auburn will face No. 5 Missouri in the SEC Championship game in Atlanta the same day.

Jacobs went on:

"And a one-loss SEC team that wins in Atlanta — if it's us or Missouri — you can't get left out of the BCS after you beat the No. 1 team. We have a better argument because we beat the No. 1 team."

And just when you thought Jacobs couldn't be more supercilious, he said this:

"It's already happened in 2004, and it would be a disservice to the nation if we got left out."  

Frankly, the notion that we would somehow fail as a nation if Auburn is left out of the championship game is both insulting and hilarious.

Furthermore, Jacobs' conclusion could not be further from the truth or laced with more irony.

Yes, the Tigers were excluded from the championship fun in 2004, as they finished as one of three undefeated BCS teams. But that Auburn team was undefeated, this Auburn team is not, and has a two-touchdown loss to boot.

The exact scenario that Jacobs is arguing for is preciously the one that doomed Auburn in 2004. An undefeated team without an invitation to the BCS title game.

Jacobs must know that, right?

Since its inception, the BCS has always given precedence to undefeated automatic-qualifying teams. Got a problem with it? Don't lose — especially not by 14 points to a  three-loss team.

Of course Jacobs is going to politic for his team, and who can blame him? But the SEC self-importance is getting old. It's asinine and disconcerting. So stop.

It was a shame in 2004 that an undefeated team was omitted from the title game, and it will be a shame in 2013 if it happens again.

But common sense is lost on Jacobs, who's blinded by his own inflated interests.

"It’s inarguable," he told ESPN on Sunday. "It would be, quite frankly, un-American for us not to get a chance to go to Pasadena if we’re able to beat Missouri, and I believe the same about Missouri."

Un-American? Please. 

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