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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 12/05/2013 5:03 PM
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Two-Minute Drill: Updates from the Urban Meyer Call-In Show
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — It's Thursday, so that means another packed edition of the Urban Meyer Call-In Show on the Ohio State IMG Sports Network. Meyer previewed the Big Ten Championship Game, while also looking back a bit at the win over Michigan. Here are the highlights.

* Meyer said that Michigan did a great job of keeping the OSU defense off balance with screens and misdirections. He said that they have worked on those issues this week. “We expect to be better at it.”

* He said teams have tried to throw the ball downfield on Michigan State, but few have succeeded.

* Meyer said that Tyvis Powell has a good future ahead of him at Ohio State. Right now he's playing at a level which makes it difficult to take him off of the field. He thinks he has a future in the NFL.

* He said he's never had a group of running backs and offensive linemen who work as hard as the group he has now.

* Meyer called Carlos Hyde selfless. "He runs for his line and his teammates."

* Meyer on Bradley Roby: "There's no questions about Roby. He's playing very well right now."

* Meyer said that going into the game, if they had needed Pat Elflein to start he would have been okay with due to his work.

* On MSU, he said their offense is much improved. The defense is more than just scheme, “it's excellent players”, and those players follow their job responsibilities as well as he's never seen.

* Meyer said it all starts at cornerback for MSU because they're so talented, they allow the safeties to focus on supporting the run. They also bring different looks on the defensive line and back up their blitzes differently than most teams.

* Meyer said that you can stop Michigan State's run, but you can also expose yourself to the play-action in trying.

* Meyer said he thinks his players play so hard because they care about each other and the coaches.

* A caller told Meyer that the offensive line needs to stay on their blocks longer. Meyer said the caller was watching the wrong offensive line because this is the best line in the nation, and the best he's ever been around. He told the caller to enjoy this offensive line because next year's will miss some blocks. He then said that they needed to move on before he explodes.

* Meyer said he hasn't looked at any of the All-Big Ten Awards, he's got bigger things on his mind this week. He said his players feel the same way.

* Meyer on Brady Hoke going for two: “I think the other coach probably did the right thing.”

* Meyer said they have to make sure not to get their team too worked up before the game actually kicks off. Lou Holtz told him back in 2006 that you have to make sure your team is hitting its stride at kickoff, and you can't let them get worked up during the day for a night kickoff.

* Meyer said they've turned the temperature up to 78 degrees in the practice facility to prepare for the indoor conditions in Indianapolis. He said they are “hydrating like crazy” this week to battle any cramping issues.

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