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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 11/29/2013 3:02 AM
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Staff Picks: Michigan
By the-Ozone Staff

The Buckeyes have the advantage in every area of this game, but there will be something that happens to even the score early on. Whether that is a broken play that leads to a long Michigan touchdown, or a turnover in their own territory by the Buckeyes. Expect it, because it will happen. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that Carlos Hyde will lose a fumble tomorrow. But it won't be enough. Ohio State 31, Michigan 20 — Tony Gerdeman (11-0)

You can throw out the records, but you can't throw out the fact that the same sorry Michigan team that was nearly beaten by MAC-bottom feeder Akron in September is the one that will face the Buckeyes Saturday. Ohio State 38, Michigan 13 — Rob Ogden (11-0)

Nothing that has happened before this game matters and the Ohio State upperclassmen talked about that several times this week. They will not be looking beyond Michigan to the Big Ten title game because they know how much this game matters. The Buckeyes will force Devin Gardner into mistakes and Michigan's running game will struggle once again. Ohio State 42, Michigan 24 — Patrick Murphy (11-0)

No Michigan team has lost to Ohio State by two touchdowns or more in Ann Arbor since 1961, but that streak is coming to an end on Saturday. We can't rule out the possibility some of the Buckeyes are looking past the Wolverines at their Big Ten title bout with Michigan State, but it's hard to think Urban Meyer won't have these guys ready to play. If they come out hungry and play with tenacity, this game won't be close. I still expect some breakdowns on defense for OSU, but their line should dominate the game up front on both sides of the ball. Ohio State 42, Michigan 24 — Brandon Castel (11-0)

Actually, throwing out the records is stupid.  There’s no better predictor of behavior than past behavior.  Still, there’s some element of chance in how any game comes out.  In this game it’s no chance for the Wolverines. Ohio State 39, Michigan 17 — John Porentas (11-0)

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