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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 01/04/2014 1:47 AM
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Two Minute Drill - Orange Bowl Post-game
By Rob Ogden

Urban Meyer Updates

* Meyer said the last interception from Miller was a post route intended for Corey Brown. He said Miller's shoulder was hurting, and he under threw it.

* Meyer said he asked Miller if he could stay in the game, and Miller said "I'm fine."

* He said he can't imagine there is a better receiver in the country than Sammy Watkins.

* Meyer said he felt fantastic at halftime, despite his team giving up so many yards in the first two quarters.

* Meyer said they're not a championship-caliber defense right now.

Braxton Miller Updates

* Miller said he didn't see the defender on the interception on Ohio State's final drive. "I thought I had Philly wide open," he said.

* Miller said he was very confident that the Buckeyes could go in for the winning score until the defender stepped in front of the pass.

* He said he wasn't 100 percent healthy by the end of the game. But he said he never considered taking himself out of the game.

* Miller said he doesn't have a timetable for making a decision on his future and the NFL. He said he's not leaning either direction.

Ryan Shazier Updates

* Shaizer said they felt like they were going to win the game after C.J. Barnett grabbed the interception.

* He said he'll talk to his parents in the next couple days and make a decision about his future. He said he's not leaning one way or another.

* Shazier said the defense hasn't played like a national championship-caliber defense. He said the season didn't go as expected.

* He said the loss of Bradley Roby and Noah Spence can't be used as an excuse for the defense's struggles.

* Shazier called Clemson's passing game the best they had ever faced. He said Watkins is probably the best receiver in the nation.

Vonn Bell Updates

* Bell said the loss has him motivated for spring ball.

* He said the game was a life lesson. He said Meyer told them post game that it's not about football, it's about life.

* He said his time is coming. "It's time to go."

C.J. Barnett Updates

* Barnett said he thought it was "game over" when he intercepted the pass with less than two minutes remaining. "Our offense scores nine out of 10 times in that situation," he said.

* He said the loss hurts now because they couldn't finish like they wanted to, but when they look back they'll know they had a special team.

Jamal Marcus Updates

* Marcus said he learned a lot from the game.

* He said now the coaching staff knows what he can do. "I feel like I left a big impression," he said.

* He said the best is yet to come for Ohio State's defense.

Tom Herman Updates

* Herman said at no point did they consider pulling Miller from the game because of injury. "If he could walk, he was gonna be out there," he said.

* He said they thought if they had the ball last they would have a good shot at winning.

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