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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 10/30/2013 8:13 PM
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Two-Minute Drill: Wednesday Post-Practice Updates
by Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Urban Meyer took a few minutes after practice Wednesday evening to provide some updates on his team, and a few players did the same. Jordan Hall, Ryan Shazier, Philly Brown and Bradley Roby all spent some time talking to the media. Here are the highlights.

Urban Meyer Updates

* Meyer said they had a team meeting where Jack Mewhort talked to the team about past trips to Purdue and not letting one slip away. He said Mewhort talked to the team about the feeling in the locker room after the loss in 2011.

* On Purdue, Meyer said, “I see a team that's kind of searching for an identity.” He said he thinks they may have found one on defense, as they are an aggressive, blitzing defense.

* Meyer said with regards to the running game, “with all due respect” to Carlos Hyde, it starts with the offensive line. In the passing game, they are seeing “cleaner coverages”, which are easier to read, because of the focus the defense has to have on the running game.

* Meyer said Braxton Miller rested on Sunday, but he's fine.

* He said this has been the season that he expected for Doran Grant, and complimented his play this season.

* Meyer said he was waiting for an offensive performance like they had against Penn State. Asked if the team has turned a corner, he said the quarterback play is exceptional right now. Miller is reading the runs and quick screens very well and is extremely effective.

* Meyer said Jordan Hall is good to go. He said Evan Spencer has been limited in practice, but he will play on Saturday. Asked if Christian Bryant will be traveling to West Lafayette, Meyer said that Bryant can't fly yet due to his recent surgery.

Jordan Hall Updates

* Hall said he always expects to make big plays when he has the ball, and said everybody on offense has the same mindset because this is a big-play offense.

* On Purdue, Hall said, “It's a place that can make you lose focus.”

* Asked if it's been tough on him to not be getting as many touches as he was earlier, he said it hasn't been too bad because he keeps the team's goals in mind. He added that he also hasn't really been healthy, so he hasn't really been able to play as much as he would have liked anyway.

* Hall said that the team doesn't really talk about the winning streak.

Ryan Shazier Updates

* Shazier said that his coaches tell him that he's one of the fasted linebackers in the nation, and he tries to use that speed as much as possible. He said sometimes he has to slow himself down a bit to keep from overrunning plays, but added, “I'd rather be too fast than too slow.” He said his speed can help him cheat some blocks, and that sometimes blockers will overcompensate against his speed, and he'll be able to put a quick move on them and get by.

Bradley Roby Updates

* Roby said once he stopped worrying about NFL scouts and started worrying about the team, then things got better for him on the football field. He called Wisconsin a learning experience, and it's something that he has no intention of repeating.

* Roby said he did suffer some “buyer's remorse” when he told the NFL no, but he said he was over that by the summer. He didn't want to talk about the NFL anymore, saying that that's all in the past now.

* Roby said his mindset is better than it was a year ago. “I think that's why I had to come back.” He added that he is a better practice player now as well. He said he expects to end the season playing his best football yet.

Philly Brown Updates

* Brown was asked about playing in West Lafayette, and he said as long as they stay focused and execute the plays they're given, they'll be alright.

* He said it won't be weird going against Darrell Hazell, who used to be his position coach, but said it will be good to see him again. “He's one of the best coaches I've ever been around.”

* Regarding Carlos Hyde, Brown said, “In my opinion, he's the best back in the country.” He said Hyde is the fourth or fifth-fastest player on the team, but he's also so big that nobody wants to tackle him in open space. He said Hyde can throw the offense on his shoulders and carry the Buckeyes to victory.

* He said he's hoping for some punt return opportunities against Purdue as their punter has outkicked his coverage at times this year.

* On the team as a whole, Brown said, “This team is much hungrier than any other team I've ever been on.”

*He said nobody expected them to do what they did against Penn State “except for us.”

* Brown said the theme given to them by Urban Meyer this wee was “Anytime, Anywhere”.

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