Two Minute Drill: Wedneday Post-practice

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 09/04/2013 8:55 PM
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Two-Minute Drill: Updates from Wednesday's Post-Practice Interviews
By Tony Gerdeman and Rob Ogden

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Wednesday night's interviews saw Urban Meyer meet with the media for a few minutes, as did Tyvis Powell, Curtis Grant and Marcus Hall.

The Buckeyes are preparing for San Diego State this week, and they spent some time talking about the matchup.

Urban Meyer Updates

* Meyer said that right tackle Taylor Decker played "okay, not bad" last week. He did add that they need more out of the right tackle spot, however.

* He said that nickel back Tyvis Powell is a player that the Buckeyes can count on, but added that they might not be playing as much nickel this week with San Diego State's running game. Josh Perry will likely start again at sam linebacker.

* Meyer said that he would like to see Braxton Miller run the ball more this week. They didn't call any runs for him last week, so that may change this week.

* Meyer said that Jordan Hall will start this week at tailback. Who backs him up is still being worked out in practice. He also said that Rod Smith is back and working on special teams.

* He said that they have not made a decision yet on whether or not Bradley Roby will start this week.

* Meyer said that safety C.J. Barnett is back at practice and will play this week after missing last week with an ankle injury.

* He said that they will continue to take things a bit slowly with Corey Linsley. He said they will be smart with him. Last week he played 16 snaps, and this week he should play more.

Marcus Hall Updates

* Hall said it felt good to get out there and play somebody other than the Buckeyes. They got to "tie up the loose ends" and play an actual game.

* He said it will help this week playing San Diego State's 3-3-5 defense given that they played against a 3-3-5 last week against Buffalo. He said they'll be better suited to handle it this week.

* He said the offense let their foot off of the gas pedal last week. The coaches talked to them about it, and this week the focus is on maintaining that type of output. He added that it's hard to keep things going in the first game of the season.

Tyvis Powell Updates

* Powell said that the defense had some nerves early, but Christian Bryant got them through it. Bryant told them to rely on their fundamentals.

* Powell said Bryant has been great for him because he wants to make sure that everything is perfect.

* He said that he's in the safeties room now with Coach Withers.

* Powell said that he wasn't down about redshirting last year because Bradley Roby was his big brother a year ago and Roby (who was also a redshirt) explained to him how much it would help him. Adam Griffin and Orhian Johnson (players who have also redshirted) also told him all of the good that can come from it. He admitted that he probably wasn't ready to play last year anyway.

* He said that he watches film with Roby, adding that Roby watches a "ton" of film. Roby watches the NFL cornerbacks and every time he learns something, he tells his fellow cornerbacks about it and they go out and use the tips that Roby gives them.

Curtis Grant Updates

* Grant said that he is enjoying himself and that he is a lot more comfortable than a year ago.

* He said he felt terrible about missing practice with his concussion, and felt he took a step back instead of a step forward like he needed to. He said he knew he'd be fine physically, but was more concerned about being mentally ready.

* Grant said that he got his concussion coming in on a run blitz.

* He said his confidence level was the main thing he learned from Zach Boren. He admitted that it feels good being in on nickel and other speed packages.

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