Two Minture Drill: SDSU postgame.

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 09/07/2013 9:43 PM
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Two-Minute Drill: Updates from Postgame Interviews
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Buckeyes took it to the San Diego State Aztecs on Saturday with a 42-7 victory that wasn't as close as the score indicates.

The story of the game was Braxton Miller's injury and Kenny Guiton's performance. That wasn't the only thing the players and coaches were talking about, however.

Urban Meyer Updates

* Meyer said that the defense played outstanding. He said Curtis Grant played better than last week. He added that having C.J. Barnett and Bradley Roby back obviously helped the defense be more aggressive.

* On whether Braxton Miller could have come back into the game, Meyer said, "I think he could have". He also added that there's a chance the Miller could play next week.

* On Kenny Guiton, Meyer said, "The old right-hander steps in again. He said that Guiton has incredible leadership skill and knowledge of the offense. He said that Guiton got them into the right plays and right situations all game long.

* Meyer also said that Cameron Johnston did a nice job. When told that Johnston "only" averaged 42 yards per punt, Meyer was surprised because he thought it was more.

* Meyer said that the offense still isn't as good at the receiver screens as they need to be. He said that Devin Smith and Philly Brown need to start making people miss and breaking tackles.

* On Guiton, Meyer said, "He's a coach. I told him that he needs to be a coach someday."

* Meyer said that Rod Smith played well, and added that he also played on punt return, which means they trust him.

* Adolphus Washington has a groin issue and is day-to-day.

* Meyer thought that Guiton's touchdown run was at least 60 yards and was surprised to find out it was only 44 yards. Meyer, who likes to joke about how slow Guiton is, said, "I guess it took him a while."

* Meyer also added, "I really believe Kenny can do it."

* He called Michael Bennett a difference maker. The coaches called him out in front of the entire team following the game.

* Meyer said he likes what he's seeing in terms of defensive line depth, citing the extended play that Joey Bosa, Chris Carter, Steve Miller and Mike Hill received.

Dontre Wilson Updates

* Wilson called Guiton "one of the greatest quarterbacks in college football right now".

* Wilson said that when he gets the ball, he can hear the excitement in the crowd and that just pumps him up even more.

* He said that his mother was in the stadium today, so it was nice that she got to see his first career touchdown.

* Wilson said that when he saw the endzone, he just had to get there. He finally got to show some of the speed that he has.

Andrew Norwell Updates

* Norwell said that Guiton brings the offense a certain energy when he is in there. Nothing ill crosses their minds when he comes into the game. They don't miss a beat with him in the game.

* Norwell said that Corey Linsley played very well today. The coaches called him out after the game for his play.

Everett Withers Updates

* He said that the defense came into the game today wanting to stop the receiver screens as well as the downfield passing, and he knew they would have to bring pressure to get that done.

* Withers said they played some press today but still need to play more moving forward.

* He said that they need to keep getting better at linebacker. He liked the blitzing today, he said that it jumpstarts the defense.

* Withers said that there is no change in mindset from the defensive coaches when Kenny Guiton comes into the game. Maybe there would be if it was somebody else, but Guiton isn't just some "guy off the street".

* He gave credit to Mike Vrabel for the defensive line and Michael Bennett's play. They need to have the defensive line continue to be disruptive, and today was a nice showing.

* He said they had a plan to involve Chris Carter quite a bit on short-yardage situations today.

Philly Brown Updates

* Brown complimented Tom Herman on the play calling today.

* He said that Kenny Guiton is one of the leaders on the team, so the team was completely comfortable.

* He said he was fine with having two catches last week as long as they get the win.

* Brown said that Guiton threw a perfect throw on his long touchdown pass and that it was a perfect play call from Herman.

Kenny Guiton Updates

* Guiton said that he just tries to make sure his voice is heard when he is leading the team.

* He said that he doesn't think about being the best backup quarterback in the nation, he's more focused on being a leader.

* He liked the start from the offense, and he said that he responded well from his interception. He said he just needs to get the ball off quicker next time.

* He said having two quarterbacks who are captains is great because no matter who is in there, there's always a leader.

* He said he was never nervous today. He prepared like a starter all week long.

* Guiton said that he tries to make sure that the entire offense and the entire defense sees his confidence, that way they have confidence in him.

* He said that he takes pride "in the fact the offense almost does not skip a beat" when he comes into the game.

* He said his long touchdown run was "pretty cool". He knew they had the numbers on that play.

* Guiton said he's very happy that he never transferred or thought of transferring. He said he cherishes every moment that he has to get on the field.

Michael Bennett Updates

* He said that they knew today would be a chance for the defensive line to get some sacks, and the defensive backs helped them by coming up closer to the line of scrimmage.

Curtis Grant Updates

* He said everything seemed a lot easier today. He attributed it to the way they practiced this week. They corrected the little mistakes from last week.

* Grant said that Roby and Barnett "bring the juice", and it was great to have them back this week.

* He said he's not comfortable because you can't get comfortable in this defense, you have to keep getting better.

* He said this was a better defensive performance than last week, but nothing is ever a complete performance for them.

* He said that Guiton is always trying to motivate the team during practice and the games. He called him "a people person".

* Grant said it makes life a whole lot easier when Michael Bennett plays like he did today. He said that's the same Bennett that he sees every day in practice. "Like I tell Michael Bennett, I love him. He's my favorite three technique." He said words can't explain how much Bennett has changed. He first met him at the Army All-American game and took notice of him then.

Corey Linsley Updates

* He said that when he saw Braxton Miller's helmet fly off, it was definitely a moment of panic for Miller's health.

* He talked about how in practice that when Braxton Miller is taking reps, Guiton is right behind him taking mental reps.

* He said that he was happy with his play today, but always wants to play more. He said that he trusts the coaches, and he trusts his backup Jacoby Boren.

Jack Mewhort Updates

* He said the team prepared for and addressed the cramping concerns from last week.

* Mewhort said that the execution was better on offense this week, but they still need to finish an entire game. He said they need to come out of the half better. He did say that the offense is still clearly getting better.

* He said the quick "jet" tempo is a lot of fun for them and defenses aren't accustomed to it.

Ed Warinner Updates

* Warinner called Guiton "the perfect second-team quarterback". He said it's a lot like being the sixth man on a basketball team who scores more than the starters.

* He said that Taylor Decker played better this week, he was much calmer and more confident.

* Regarding Marcus Hall and his false starts, he said that his players were saying that the San Diego State defensive line was jumping, so he'll look at it. Regardless, they need to eliminate those penalties.

* They got what they wanted out of Corey Linsley and liked his play today.

* He said he loved the start in the first half, but they still need to carry it over more in the second half. He said it was an improvement for the entire offense, but there is still room to grow.

* He said that San Diego State's defense did some things that they haven't done this year or last year, and Guiton handled it all very well.

Ryan Shazier Updates

* Shazier said that having Roby and Barnett back was noticeable because it seemed like the Aztecs didn't want to throw in their direction.

San Diego State Head Coach Rocky Long Updates

* Long said that his offense was "absolutely horrible" in the first half. He said the defense didn't play very well either, but at least they were fighting.

* He said Guiton is as good of a backup quarterback as there is in the country. He said he doesn't know how Ohio State decides who to start.

San Diego State Wide Receiver Colin Lockett Updates

* "They're a good football team but they didn't do anything spectacular."

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