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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 09/04/2013 1:11 PM
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The Tip Sheet - Around the Nation
By Tony Gerdeman

This is not a great slate of non-Big Ten games this week, but there are a couple of standouts. And anyway, how many different games can you watch at one time? When you're eating pizza, are you also complaining that there is no meatloaf? Well, YOU probably are.

As it stands, there are certainly enough games to get you through your day on Saturday, but the Thursday and Friday games are absolutely spiteful. But you'll be watching the NFL on Thursday and high school football on Friday, and since it's early in the year, those two sports haven't gotten boring to you yet.

Thursday September 5

Teams:  Florida Atlantic (0-1) at East Carolina (1-0)
Time (TV):  7:30 pm (FS1)
Interest:  1.5
Cheer For:  Florida Atlantic

The NFL kicks off on Thursday, so ESPN had no interest in airing a college football game. Fortunately for us, Fox Sports 1 had no problem taking on the NFL. Of course, taking on the NFL with Florida Atlantic at East Carolina is like telling your family that you're all going to go swimming with sharks, and then you all spend the weekend snorkeling in a hotel bathtub. East Carolina 41 - Florida Atlantic 17

Friday September 6

Teams:  Wake Forest (1-0) at Boston College (1-0)
Time (TV):  8:00 pm (ESPN)
Interest:  1.5
Cheer For:  Boston College

You're cheering for Boston College because you could have never gotten into Wake Forest and it still burns you up to this day. When you are in public, you can feel the stinging eyes of judgment upon you. They all know that you were never good enough for Wake Forest. They dismiss you instantly, and you hate it. It drives you mad. You have hated Wake Forest forever, and you will continue hating them forever. You have taught your children to hate Wake Forest. Your oldest kid was once investigated for sending an anthrax letter to Tim Duncan, and it was smart of you to pin the evidence on your child rather than risk going down for it yourself. Your hate has made you smart, diabolical, and arguably a terrible parent. Your hate is strong, and it is justified. The irony here, however, is that you would have never gotten into Boston College either. Wake Forest 27 - Boston College 17

Saturday September 7

Teams:   #12 Florida (1-0) at Miami (1-0)
Time (TV):  12:00 pm (ESPN)
Interest:  3.5
Cheer For:  Miami

You know it's a big game for the Hurricanes when Sun Life Stadium is not only removing tarps from seats, but they are also adding 1,300 additional seats. That's some pretty nice hospitality for all of the Gator fans who are going to come down to their stadium. But that's just more cars to break into for the locals, so it's a win-win for everyone involved. I'm interested to watch Miami running back Duke Johnson against this Florida defense. This is a game where Miami can earn some national respect, because they don't have any at the moment. And the best part is that this is a winnable game, because Florida isn't all that great right now either. It's a chance to earn some cheap respect for Miami, and really, that's the only kind of respect the program has ever deserved. Florida 28 - Miami 27

Teams:  Western Kentucky (1-0) at Tennessee (1-0)
Time (TV):  12:00 pm (SECN)
Interest:  1.5
Cheer For:  Western Kentucky

How bad are the national games this week? So bad that I'm forced to add this game. The only reason to care about this game is because Western Kentucky beat Kentucky last week, and if they beat Tennessee this week, they would then be 2-0 in the mighty SEC East. Vanderbilt don't want none. Tennessee 34 - Western Kentucky 24

VirginiaTeams:  #2 Oregon (1-0) at Virginia (1-0)
Time (TV):  3:30 pm (ESPN2/ABC)
Interest:  3
Cheer For:  Virginia

Virginia doesn't have the offense to keep up with Oregon, nor the defense to stop them. This game probably won't be all that interesting. I expect the Ducks to come in and just blast UVA early and stun them with a 22-0 first-quarter lead or so. This game will be about as redeeming as a lecture from a high school valedictorian. You're 18. Shut up. Oregon 57 - Virginia 17

ToledoTeams:  Toledo (0-1) at Missouri (1-0)
Time (TV):  3:30 pm (ESPNU)
Interest:  2.5
Cheer For:  Toledo

Last week, Toledo was a popular pick by some to upset the Florida Gators. That should make them almost a favorite in this game. Gary Pinkel brings his old Rockets team to Missouri so that he can show off how well he's doing now. Like inviting your ex-wife to your wedding so that she can see how much younger your new bride is. Toledo got shut down last week by the Gators, but this Missouri team doesn't have a Florida defense, so there may be a few more points traded this week. Missouri should still outscore the Rockets, however. Missouri 41 - Toledo 27

Teams:  Buffalo (0-1) at #23 Baylor (1-0)
Time (TV):  3:30 pm (Fox Networks)
Interest:  2.5
Cheer For:  Buffalo

If Buckeye fans were unhappy with last Saturday's performance against Buffalo, just wait until you see what Baylor does to them. Baylor 63 - Buffalo 24

Teams:  #6 South Carolina (1-0) at #11 Georgia (0-1)
Time (TV):  4:30 pm (ESPN)
Interest:  5
Cheer For:  Georgia

Georgia fans were upset about last week's loss at Clemson, but a win this week will get them back on track. After all, if they finish 12-1 with an SEC Championship on their mantle, they'll probably still be playing for a national title. I don't see South Carolina being able to score with Georgia, so they'll have to rely on Aaron Murray giving the game away like he did last year when he went 11-31 in a 35-7 loss. Fortunately for Georgia, this game is in Athens where Murray is much more comfortable. Also, Murray won't have to worry about Jadeveon Clowney as Clowney will still be winded from Friday's walk through. Georgia 31 - South Carolina 27

Teams:  West Virginia (1-0) at #16 Oklahoma (1-0)
Time (TV):  7:00 pm (FOX)
Interest:  3
Cheer For:  West Virginia

Oklahoma started redshirt freshman Trevor Knight at quarterback last week, and he led the Sooners to a 34-0 win over Louisiana-Monroe. Knight, who will eventually be a dual-threat quarterback, only has one threat right now after completing just 11-28 passes for 86 yards and rushing for 103 yards on 13 carries. Of course, 11-28 passing against Louisiana-Monroe translates to 32-34 for 386 yards against West Virginia. (By the way, this is one of the rare West Virginia exchange rates that doesn't include the tail of a dead animal.) The Mountaineers got a touchdown with 3:22 to play last week to beat William & Mary 24-17, so I wouldn't expect this game to be nearly as fun as last year's 50-49 contest. Oklahoma 41 - West Virginia 17

Teams:  #15 Texas (1-0) at BYU (0-1)
Time (TV):  7:00 pm (ESPN2/LHN)
Interest:  2
Cheer For:  BYU

Texas put up over 700 yards of total offense against New Mexico State last week, so I think it's pretty clear to everyone that their offense is now back for good and will be totally unstoppable for the foreseeable decades. There is no way that they take a step back this week. In fact, don't be surprised if the Longhorns put up 800 yards. After all, they're back and nobody can deny it. And yes, this is way different than all of the other times that they were back. Texas 30 - BYU 14

Teams:  Arkansas State (1-0) at Auburn (1-0)
Time (TV):  7:30 pm (SECN)
Interest:  2.5
Cheer For: Arkansas State

This game is interesting only because the team that Gus Malzahn coached last year is coming to play the team that he coaches now. Plus, Arkansas State has some talent, and Auburn is still trying to work theirs out. I don't expect Auburn to lose, but I would argue that Arkansas State has more to play for than the Tigers. Auburn 34 - Arkansas State 27

Teams:  Washington State (0-1) at #25 USC (1-0)
Time (TV):  10:30 pm (FS1)
Interest:  2.5
Cheer For:  Washington State

The Cougars lost a close one at Auburn (31-24) last week, or else they could be coming into this game with a nice bit of confidence. Mike Leach is eventually going to stun a conference foe that he shouldn't, but is a Lane Kiffin loss every truly stunning? After all, if you live in the desert, are you marveled every time you see a cactus? If you live in Alaska, does snow amaze you? If you live in Indiana, do barns excite you in a bodily way? Okay, that's probably not a good example. USC 24 - Washington State 21

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