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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 09/29/2013 3:13 AM
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Two Minute Drill: OSU Postgame
By Tony Gerdeman

Two-Minute Drill: Updates from the Ohio State Postgame
by Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Buckeyes opened up Big Ten play with a 31-24 win over the Wisconsin Badgers, but the loss of senior captain Christian Bryant dampened the postgame immeasurably.

Urban Meyer Updates

* Meyer started out by saying that they lost their leader Christian Bryant to a broken ankle, and he asked the assembled media to keep him in their prayers. He smacked the podium in anger and disappointment after breaking the bad news.

* He said that Braxton Miller played very well for this being his first action in a few weeks. He said that Wisconsin has a very well-coached defense, and it was a challenge to move the ball.

* On not getting Kenny Guiton into the game, and only getting one carry for Jordan Hall, Meyer was disappointed and said that the moment just didn't happen.

* Meyer said that hitting Melvin Gordon in the backfield early in the game slowed him down and kept him from getting to full speed.

* He was disappointed in the lack of a pass rush, citing the need to get more sacks considering the number of times that Wisconsin threw the ball.

* Meyer said that Badger receiver Jared Abbrederis has his vote for the All-Big Ten team.

* He said Cameron Johnston's last punt, which pinned Wisconsin inside the 10-yard line yet again, was the play of the day. He said the punt team has been solid.

* Meyer wondered aloud who would be assuming Christian Bryant's leadership. He appeared completely devastated by the loss.

Braxton Miller Updates

* Before Miller started answering questions, he first took a moment to talk about Kenny Guiton. “I am proud of Kenny and the way he led the team while I was out. I look at him as a big brother.”

* Miller said that he's been working very hard while he was out. He called it a job where you don't get paid. He said he was in the office before the coaches sometimes.

* He said they pulled back a bit in the fourth quarter because of some of the blitz packages the Badgers were running, plus they wanted to just run the ball more.

* On the two night and day passes to end the first half, Miller said the first pass slipped out of his hands, and he went to Tom Herman and said “Let's throw it again.” So they did.

* He said his knee loosened up as the game went on, which is why he began running the ball more in the second quarter.

* Miller said his knee is now 100%.

* On the offense as a whole, he said, “We've got a lot of little corrections to make.”

Philly Brown Updates

* Brown said that the second-quarter touchdown to end the half showed Braxton Miller's confidence, even with the pass before that nearly being intercepted.

* On the muffed punt that didn't end up costing the Buckeyes a turnover, Brown said that they are taught to stop the ball from rolling, but they're also taught to fall on it.

Devin Smith Updates

* On the loss of Christian Bryant, Smith said that “everyone's hurt about it”.

* Smith said that Braxton Miller never gets discouraged during the game, and never gets down.

* He said the touchdown to end the half was huge. It gave them momentum coming out in the second half.

Joshua Perry Updates

* Perry called it “a great win”, saying that it will give them momentum going into a week of preparation for Northwestern.

* He said that somebody is going to have to fill the void left by Christian Bryant, but he believes they have the depth to do it.

Adolphus Washington Updates

* Washington said that Wisconsin's success passing the ball may have been due to the fact that Ohio State came out so intent on stopping the run, which forced the Badgers to go to the air.

Andrew Norwell Updates

* He said he thought the offense played well, given how good Wisconsin is on defense. He said that Chris Borland did a fantastic job on defense.

* Norwell said it felt great to get Braxton Miller back. He said it felt a little different with him back there because of his mobility. You have to be aware of him taking off and they need to finish their blocks.

* He said in the second half, the Badgers were loading up the box, which made it difficult to run the ball up the middle. He also said some plays just didn't work out, and that's how it goes sometimes.

Ryan Shazier Updates

* Shazier said that he believes the Buckeyes made a statement tonight, because people know Wisconsin for their running game, but the Buckeyes shut them down in that regard in this game.

* He said losing Bryant is a huge loss because he is such a leader for the defense. He said they have to keep grinding and they need to find some guys to step in for him.

* Shazier said it was important for the front seven to contain Wisconsin's running attack. He said they wanted to hold them under 100 yards, but they fell just short. He said this was a huge win for the Buckeyes considering what this game meant in the Leaders Division.

* He said Joel Stave and Jared Abbrederis were both very impressive.

Jack Mewhort Updates

* He said that they have to get better at seeing the adjustments and executing and adapting during the game.

* Mewhort said that Chris Borland is “a great player”. He said it seems like he's been playing against him forever.

* He said that it's hard to even talk about the loss of Christian Bryant. “It's heart-wrenching, I guess would be the only word to say.”

* He said Miller has clearly developed as a passer, and he showed it tonight several times.

* Mewhort said they try not to think about their winning streak. He did admit to having his eye on Meyer's record of 22 straight wins at Florida, which would also tie the record at Ohio State.

* He called Christian Bryant a great friend, a great leader and an even better person. They are going to miss him. “It's hard to talk about.”

Devin Smith Updates

* Smith said that LeBron James was a good guy and it was cool to have him at the game.

* He said it doesn't matter to him which quarterback is in, and they are interchangeable. He said that he feels like whoever is in will get the job done.

* Smith said that they came into this game wanting to attack downfield given the press that the corners played, but they backed off a lot and took some underneath stuff as well as some deep stuff.

Joel Hale Updates

* Hale said it was great to have Michael Bennett and Adolphus Washington back.

* He said that Wisconsin has great running backs. He saw a lot of downhill running in preparation for this game. He said the Buckeye defense had a pretty good day against them. “It's just the Ohio State defense, the Silver Bullet defense. Stop the run. That's how we're measured each week.”

* Hale was unaware of Christian Bryant's injury. He said he saw him go down, but didn't know he was injured. “That hurts. CB's my dude, man. We just have to go out there and have him in our hearts. That's a big loss.”

* He said he was a little surprised that the game came down to single digits, but he said the game isn't meant to be blowouts every week.

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