Two Minute Drill: Badger Updates from Madison

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 09/23/2013 4:59 PM
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Two-Minute Drill: Badger Updates from Madison
by Tony Gerdeman

Wisconsin head coach Gary Andersen met with the media for his weekly interview session. He answered various questions about Ohio State, as you would expect. Linebacker Chris Borland and running back Melvin Gordon were also made available for a teleconference, and they also had plenty to say about Saturday night's game.

Gary Andersen Updates

* Andersen said that he started watching Ohio State film yesterday. He said OSU uses their playmakers in the right spots. They've got a lot of athleticism. “I would say this, if you watch the tape from a year ago to now, it's obvious that they made an emphasis to recruit speed in a lot of different areas on the offensive side of the ball. They've got receivers that can run, catch, make plays. They do have a lot of speed there.”

* On the Buckeye quarterbacks: “And the offense, either quarterback, it doesn't change. It doesn't really matter what quarterback. It seems to be the question that everybody wants to talk about, but either quarterback can run the offense.”

* He said that it doesn't matter which QB they prepare for. “It's still a tough offense regardless.”

* On his close relationship with Urban Meyer: “My take is that it doesn't have anything to do with it. Obviously, Urban's a good friend. I consider him a good friend. Who knows, maybe he doesn't consider me a good friend. We'll talk. We won't talk this week, I can guarantee you this much. It's about the kids, and it always will be.”

* He said that the Badgers won't prepare any differently because this is Ohio State. They will prepare just like they did against Purdue.

* Andersen said that they aren't throwing the ball as well as they'd like, and he knows the Buckeyes will stack the box and try to force them to throw.

* He was asked if Ohio State was the best team in the conference: “Best team in the conference? That would be impossible for me to say. I haven't watched the tape. Haven't seen the other guys play. I haven't evaluated them from top to bottom.”

* On the difference in Ohio State this year and last: “In my opinion, they're a lot better team than they were a year ago because they're much more skilled and much faster than a year ago. It's a dramatic difference, in my opinion, the speed on the field, for them this year than they had a year ago.”

* On the atmosphere in Ohio Stadium Saturday night, he said: “One of the big keys to us is how are we going to handle the environment? That's a big part of it. We've been on the road one time, and it was loud. It was fairly hectic. But I know this. For every one person that was sitting in Sun Devils Stadium, there's two of them at Ohio State. So a lot of people are going to be screaming and yelling, and I think our kids will handle it, but we need to prepare for it.”

Chris Borland Updates

* On how difficult it is to prepare for the Buckeye offense having only seen one game with Braxton Miller, he said that the preparation will be simple because the offense hasn't changed that much from last year regardless of the quarterback. He said the OSU offense has finesse and power, and said that they were dynamic.

* On the change from a 4-3 to a 3-4, Borland said that he was lucky to be a part of it because the defense caters to the linebackers because the inside guys get to make a lot of plays. He said they still have a lot of improvements to make.

* Asked if the OSU offense has been tested yet, he said the California defense was good and capable.

* Borland said that the OSU offense has weapons at every position and the way they use their weapons is very smart. They can go downfield or pound, and that it will be a challenge because they have to defend the entire field.

* On Wisconsin's offense, he said the makeup has never changed. There will always be big linemen and talented backs. There are some different plays, but that's about all that has changed.”

* He said this game means as much as the other Big Ten games, but he understands that this game will determined some things in the division and the conference, but so do all conference games.

* Borland said that the Badgers may be the underdogs in this game, but they're the ones with the Big Ten Championship Trophy.

* He said that this game isn't as much of a power game as it has been in the past because there is now more focus on speed. He said it will still be as hard-hitting as it always has been.

* Regarding the night game this week, he said it's incredible to play in a game like this. That's why you come to Wisconsin. It's us against the world. He said at Ohio State you don't have to do any imagining because “it's pretty real” in Columbus.

Melvin Gordon Updates

* He said that he knew this year's offense would be the same as last year's. There are a few wrinkles and changes, but it's still running the ball like they always have. He said that Gary Andersen told him that nothing would change, and it hasn't.

* On the Ohio State linebackers, Gordon said that he's only seen a little bit of film, but said they are explosive, fast and athletic. He said they won't get around them too much, and if you get them one-on-one you have to win that battle.

* Gordon said that it's been easy to share the ball with James White because they're both playing so well right now, plus they're both doing their best to help their team win, so you can't be upset about that. It's not in his character to be upset about a teammate being successful at his expense.

* He said that he didn't get to really play in this game last year, so he wants to make an imprint on this game. He had one carry for a loss a year ago. He is excited about his opportunity this year knowing that he'll finally get the ball against the Buckeyes.

* On the Heisman talk, Gordon said that he doesn't read anything about that. He's not worried about any of that stuff. He's just worried about winning. The Heisman talk comes with winning. His focus right now is on Ohio State.

* He said that even though this is a huge game, it still comes down to fundamentals. In that way, it's no different than the non-conference games.

* Gordon said there is definitely a pride factor in carrying on the tradition of Wisconsin running backs. He said that you don't want to be the Badger running back that drops the ball.

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