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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 09/26/2013 1:40 PM
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Two-Minute Drill: The Urban Meyer Call-In Show
by Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Urban Meyer's weekly call-in show took place on Thursday afternoon, and the Buckeye head coach once again fielded questions from all over the state. The highlights are below.

* Meyer said that Michael Bennett is a much more mature player than he was last year. They did the right thing holding him out last week, and he's good to go now. He said that Bennett was their heart and soul up front. He said that Adolphus Washington had a good week of practice, and is built for this game and should play as well.

* Meyer said that Braxton Miller will start, provided he has another good practice. He looked good yesterday in practice. He should be close to 100% on Saturday.

* Meyer was asked about Noah Spence and he said that he is a great player and a better person. He said the expectations for him are very high, and probably higher than his production level right now, even though he's playing well. He hopes to have him make a big dent in the Big Ten this year.

* He said they'll have injured defensive tackle Tommy Schutt stay at the hotel with the team this weekend in order to start getting him acclimated, but he still won't play until the mid-point of the season.

* He talked about being able to play the walk-ons and the scout team players last week, and how cornerback Nick Sarac told him that his dream of playing for the Buckeyes finally came true.

* Meyer said they still need to get guys like Jeff Heuerman and Evan Spencer more involved in the passing game.

* He said Dontre Wilson is still learning the wide receive position, but he has the potential to handle it and be a difficult guy to defend.

* Meyer said it was good to see Ezekiel Elliott get into the game and run for 162 yards against FAMU. “The future is bright at Ohio State.”

* He said that Cardale Jones has been getting better and better, but “potential” is a four-letter word and they have to get rid of it and turn it into “good”.

* Meyer said the players turned instantly to Wisconsin after the FAMU game. He said they had to educate him last year about this rivalry.

* He said the concern this week is containing Wisconsin's running game. They have to keep the edges contained and not give up any big hits. He said they did a great job against the Badgers last year, even though Montee Ball got his yards.

* Meyer said that Wisconsin's defense is much different than they were a year ago. He said their defense did a great job against the Buckeyes last year. “They held us in check.” This year is more of a 3-4 defense that starts a veteran corner and a true freshman corner, and they play press man defense. They have yet to give up a touchdown pass this season.

* He said that he's disappointed that Chris Borland isn't a Buckeye given that he's from Ohio.

* Meyer said he loves night games, but the wait during the day is terrible. He said this isn't the week for a big game-day speech because you don't need to fire anybody up for this one.

* He said it's amazing how many times they've mentioned Kenny Guiton's name this season. He said that somebody – probably him – would have to write a book about the intangibles of a football player, specifically a player like Guiton. He said he loves everything about him on and off the field.

* Meyer said that he's grateful for the way Guiton is handling everything, because he said he could be making his life awful with placing Miller back into the starter's slot.

* He said Carlos Hyde is raring to go. He's not sure how the process to get everybody the ball will work. That's Stan Drayton's deal, they trust him to use his players properly. “I know they [Wisconsin] have good backs, but ours aren't bad either.”

* Meyer said it was good to block a punt last week. He said punt blocks and sacks are tremendous momentum shifters. Meyer's teams are undefeated when they block a punt.

* He said he feels like the Buckeyes are very close to breaking a big return.

* Meyer was asked about Bri'onte Dunn, and he once again talked about the desire to redshirt Dunn. He said he's a similar body type to Carlos Hyde, so there will be a role for him next year when Hyde is gone.

* A caller asks about Jalin Marshall, and Meyer again said that Marshall wasn't ready to play early in the season, but is getting close right now. They just need to know whose job he takes. “Where does he fit.” He said he's 10 times the player he was three weeks ago. This would also fall under the umbrella of not wanting to waste a season. James Louis will be medically redshirted in all likelihood per Meyer.

* He said that the offensive line is a group that is very cohesive. He says when he talks to them, he speaks to them as a group because they're always together. He said Ohio State should be “Lineman U”.

* “I think we did it right.” – Meyer on the pass-heavy attack against Florida A&M in the first half.

* He said this is a big week for the cornerbacks, and that Bradley Roby has had his best week of practice. “He's on.”

* Meyer said for the most part they'll be in three linebacker sets, but will bring in extra defensive backs on passing downs. He said that Curtis Grant is playing the best football of his career, and Joshua Perry had a great practice yesterday. He said that Trey Johnson is a very instinctive player who needs to get bigger and stronger.

* On nickel back Tyvis Powell, Meyer said that he's done a very nice job this season. He's glad he's got him for three more years.

* He said they went back and watched Utah State film on defense to get more of an idea of what this Wisconsin defense will do.

* He said Chris Borland is one of the best linebackers in the Big Ten. He said the other Badger linebackers are also solid.

* Meyer again confirmed the Buckeyes will wear a rivalry uniform on Saturday. He also said that the helmets do look good. He said it's good for recruiting, but the current players love it as well. He said the team vote was unanimous.

* He said that so much of his world is recruiting, and night games helps recruiting because players can actually get to the game, and they can't make it to noon games. There's more time for high school players to take things in during a night game.

* He said that this game has turned into a rivalry, but “it's not THE rivalry”. However, it's still a very big game. He said you can see it in the players' eyes. Nothing really needs to be said about how important this week is. He said he has a smart team, they understand their goals and targets and “this is a big step towards that target.”

* Meyer said that John Cooper is their “player personnel” guy “who works for free”. He tells them who the NFL is looking at when it comes to their opposition. He said all of the Buckeye coaches love having him around.

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