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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 03/05/2014 4:48 AM
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Spring Roster Notes and Notables
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State's spring football roster was finally released on Tuesday, which always brings with it some new data and minutiae, which we then love to pore over.

The most notable of these notes is probably the fact that Dontre Wilson is no longer wearing the #1 jersey, and is now sporting #2. Generally, when a player has a sought-after number like #1 pulled from them it is for some type of punishment.

It doesn't look like he'll be getting the #1 jersey back any time soon, either, because freshman receiver Johnnie Dixon is now wearing it.

There are a few other jersey number changes as well. Receiver Michael Thomas has switched from #83 to #3, and receiver Jeff Greene has gone from #8 to #89. And if you were wondering, tailback Rod Smith is still in the #7.

While you already know that Johnnie Dixon is wearing #1, the other six freshmen who enrolled early have finally had their jersey numbers released as well. Quarterback Stephen Collier is wearing Kenny Guiton's old number 13, which is fitting since Collier is a lot like "the old right-hander". Offensive lineman Marcelys Jones is wearing #64. He was getting some reps with the twos and threes at practice on Tuesday.

Middle linebacker Raekwon McMillan is wearing #5, joining former five-star middle linebacker Mike D'Andrea in that regard. Kicker Sean Nuernberger is wearing #96, which gives each of OSU's kicking specialists numbers normally worn by defensive linemen, as Cameron Johnston is still sporting the #95.

Brooklyn freshman running back Curtis Samuel is wearing #4, which is always one of the faster numbers on a roster, assuming numbers can be fast. Offensive lineman Kyle Trout is wearing Corey Linsley's old #71. If Trout is half the interview Linsley was, the media that covers Ohio State will take to him quickly.

OSU also made sure to mention that the heights and weights on the new roster are recent and accurate. Wondering who has gained or dropped weight? You came to the right place.

+ Eli Apple gained a single guilt-free pound and is now up to 195.

+ Darryl Baldwin is down three pounds to 307.

+ Warren Ball is up two pounds to 224.

+ J.T. Barrett has put on three pounds, and is up to 225.

+ Marcus Baugh gained eight pounds, but lost two inches. He is now listed at 6-2 248.

+ Vonn Bell is up five pounds to 200.

+ Michael Bennett shrunk an inch and gained three pounds in the process. He is now 6-2 288.

+ Devan Bogard is up 12 pounds to 210.

+ Jacoby Boren is an inch shorter and five pounds lighter, and he can't afford to keep going the wrong way. He is now 6-1 285.

+ Joey Bosa is up 10 pounds to 285, but dropped an inch and is now a pedestrian 6-5.

+ Tommy Brown is up two pounds to 310.

+ Joe Burger dropped an inch and five pounds. (The lost weight probably came from the lost height.) He is now 6-1 230.

+ Cam Burrows is up three pounds to 208.

+ Chris Carter had a light lunch and is up two pounds to 342.

+ Walk-on tight end Ryan Carter is up 15 pounds to 240, and he doesn't even have access to the training table.

+ James Clark injured his leg and got an inch taller. Probably because of calcification. That new height might not be stable. He also dropped three pounds. He is now 5-10 182.

+ Kicker Kyle Clinton is down two pounds to 218 because kickers shouldn't really be 220 pounds.

+ Stephen Collier is up five pounds to 215.

+ Gareon Conley gained five pounds, and apparently the added gravity shrunk him two inches. He is now 6-0 190, instead of the 6-2 185 he was a year ago. See, not all weight is good weight.

+ Bri'onte Dunn is down four pounds to 216. Looking for added quickness no doubt. The good news is that he didn't have to give up any height to get it.

+ Ezekiel Elliott is up seven pounds to 225. He is now the second-heaviest running back on the roster behind Rod Smith, who comes in at 231 pounds.

+ Michael Hill is up 10 pounds to 315.

+ Freshman Marcelys Jones is actually up five pounds to 345 since arriving early.

+ Darron Lee is six pounds heavier, but one inch shorter. He is now 6-1 225.

+ Jalin Marshall is up six pounds to 205.

+ Donovan Munger is up 16 pounds to 306.

+ Joshua Perry is up four pounds to an NFL linebacker-like 6-4 250.

+ Curtis Samuel is up five pounds to 190.

+ Noah Spence has gained no height or weight, nor has he lost any. He is still 6-3 252.

+ Tracy Sprinkle is up an inch and eight pounds to 6-3 283.

+ Adolphus Washington is down seven pounds to 288.

+ Dontre Wilson is up five pounds to 185, halfway to the 190 where Urban Meyer wants him.

+ Chris Worley is up an inch and 14 pounds, which is good since he's been moved from safety to linebacker.

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