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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 03/24/2014 12:21 PM
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A Closer Look at the Ohio State Spring Depth Chart on Defense
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — This is a very important spring for the Ohio State defense as new coaches have arrived and a new system is implemented. This all while relying greatly on new players to execute these new plans.

Having already taken a look at the Ohio State offense, it is now time to switch to defense. How has spring gone for this side of the ball so far? Let's answer that question by getting a little bit more in-depth on the depth chart.

Viper #8 Noah Spence Jr
While we've been watching, Spence hasn't taken as many reps as he did a year ago. Part of that may be due to his remaining two-game suspension, but it's most likely because he doesn't need to rep as much as Larry Johnson looks to get players behind him more snaps.
#59 Tyquan Lewis rFr
Lewis opened spring practice ahead of Jamal Marcus, which is still the case as of Saturday. Going through my notes, I have only seen Lewis in three one-on-ones, having beaten Tommy Brown twice and "losing" to Evan Lisle once. He did provide some nice pressure a time or two during Saturday's scrimmage, where he also mixed in with the ones.
#34 Jamal Marcus Jr
After his performance in the Orange Bowl, most expected Marcus to open up right behind Noah Spence this spring. He is still getting snaps with the ones and twos, however. 

SSDE #97 Joey Bosa So
Bosa has been as expected this spring. His reps have been limited somewhat, but his production has not. Looking at my notes I have him only losing one one-on-one battle (out of five), and that was to Taylor Decker. He's powerful, but deceptively quick with his inside move.
#88 Steve Miller Sr
Miller actually looks a little lighter than he did a year ago, and he's definitely moving better. He had one of the best plays of the day on Saturday with his tackle in the backfield of Rod Smith on a swing pass. He has gotten quite a few snaps with the ones rotating with Joey Bosa.
#94 Rashad Frazier rSr
Frazier is getting some good reps this spring, but he will be challenged to hold off the incoming freshmen this summer.

DT #63 Michael Bennett Sr
There aren't too many worries with Bennett right now, but he has had some fantastic battles with center Billy Price.
#92 Adolphus Washington Jr
Washington has flashed his quickness on the inside, which is generally too much for guards like Tommy Brown and Marcelys Jones to handle.
#52 Donovan Munger rFr
Munger has been a bit of a surprise. He started the spring behind the second-team tackles, but has moved up to the twos and even got some snaps with the ones in Saturday's scrimmage.
#90 Tommy Schutt Jr
Schutt has also gotten some snaps with the ones, but he will likely stick with the twos due to the talent ahead of him.
#77 Michael Hill So
Hill has been with the threes and twos throughout spring, though he has been quieter than he was last summer. This is not unusual for a defensive tackle, however.
#72 Chris Carter rJr
Carter was effective on the goal line against the first team offense on Saturday. He has only repped with the twos from what we've seen, mixing in and out with everybody else.
#93 Tracy Sprinkle rFr
Sprinkle is getting a few reps here and there, and has shown some quickness. There is a lot of talent ahead of him, however.

Sam #43 Darron Lee rFr
Lee has essentially been the talk of the camp so far. He is playing the wide side of the field and also being asked to cover slot receivers right now. Urban Meyer loves his speed and tenacity.
#35 Chris Worley rFr
Worley, like Darron Lee, is a former safety. He is fast and has already made a few plays. He was a big hitter as a safety, and should be as a linebacker as well.

Mike #14 Curtis Grant Sr
Grant has performed well from what we've been able to see. On Saturday he made five or six tackles in the 20-30 minutes we were able to watch. 
#55 Camren Williams Jr
Williams has gotten a series here and there with the ones, but he is mainly with the twos. He is finally healthy, which is something that he wasn't last year.
#5 Raekwon McMillan Fr
McMillan is running third here, but is still getting plenty of snaps, including some with the first unit. The coaches want him to play this year, so they will give him every opportunity to show that he belongs.

Will #37 Joshua Perry Jr
Perry is making the transition to the Will linebacker, which will give him the linebacker trifecta after playing the Sam most of last year, and then some in the middle while Curtis Grant was injured. Even though he's big (6-4 250), he was a high school track star, so he should have enough speed to man a position that requires a lot of tackles be made.
#36 Trey Johnson So
Johnson is firmly with the twos, and that doesn't look like it will be changing.

CB #12 Doran Grant (Injured) Sr
Grant was in sweats for Saturday's scrimmage as he recovers from a slight injury. He was solid prior to this, however, and looks like he's ready to be the next All-Big Ten corner for the Buckeyes.
#26 Armani Reeves Jr
Reeves has only been with the ones while we've been watching. He hasn't really made many plays, but that's because nobody is throwing at him, which should tell you how well he's doing.
#19 Gareon Conley rFr
Conley was one of the stars of the first day of practice. He's tall and fast, and he has shown pretty good ball skills. With Doran Grant out, he has been bumped up to the ones.
#13 Eli Apple rFr
Apple hasn't been too far behind Gareon Conley of late, if he's been behind him at all. He picked off a pair of passes last Thursday. 
#33 Nik Sarac rJr
Sarac is a walk-on who has been getting a lot of reps with the twos as both Doran Grant and Eli Apple have missed time this spring.

FS #23 Tyvis Powell rSo
Powell had a nice break up on the goal line on a slant pass to Michael Thomas on Saturday. He's had at least one interception while we've been watching this spring. We have also seen him beaten for long gains by Dontre Wilson and Jeff Greene.
#20 Ron Tanner rJr
Tanner has gotten a bunch of good reps this spring against the first team and should only come out the better for it.

SS #16 Cameron Burrows So
Burrows has been the beneficiary of Vonn Bell's knee injury as he has taken every snap with the ones. 
#29 Jayme Thompson rFr
Thompson didn't get many, if any, reps prior to Bell's injury, but has been with the twos consistently since. 
#11 Vonn Bell (Injured) So
With Bell's MCL tear, it's going to be interesting to see where he starts on the depth chart this summer. Will the job go back to him, or will he have to take it back from Cameron Burrows?

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