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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 05/08/2014 4:45 AM
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Arrival of NFL Draft Means Different Things for Shazier and Guiton
by John Porentas

Remember back when you were on the sandlot picking sides for touch football or in the driveway "choosing up" for that driveway basketball game?

There was always that kid that was going to be picked first every time because everybody knew he was the bomb.

There was also always that kid that nobody really wanted but somebody had to take just to keep the sides even. He didn't really care though, because he just wanted a chance to play.

It's surprising similar when it comes to the NFL draft.

For Ryan Shazier, the draft will confirm what he and everybody else already knows, that he's a top prospect.

"I definitely feel I'm a first-round pick," Shazier said after the NFL combine in Indianapolis and then the OSU pro day. Why wouldn't he? He ran a sub-4.4 40 and had an astounding vertical leap of 42 inches. He also had all the other measureables.

"I feel like I made my point," Shazier said of his pro day and combine results. "Everybody saw how explosive I was and how good an athlete I am."

He also played in a ton of games while at OSU, and that means there is a ton of tape on him playing the game, and that can only help him as well.

Things are not exactly the same for Kenny Guiton.

During his OSU career Guiton played first behind Terrelle Pryor and then Braxton Miller. He was never that first guy chosen, not even at his position, but did enough good things in his career to endear himself to Buckeye fans forever. That, however, doesn't cut much ice with NFL talent evaluators.

Guiton was the kid not chosen on his own team, at least not as a starter, unless somebody ahead of him couldn't go for some reason or another, and that means that Guiton's NFL draft experience and expectations will differ vastly from Shazier's. He'd be satisfied to be the last guy picked, just as long as he isn't left standing on the sideline watching.

"I'm just looking for a shot," Guiton said of his draft expectation.

Guiton is on the record as being interested in a coaching career, and Urban Meyer has endorsed that idea, saying Guiton would make a great coach. Still, Guiton is putting that all on hold in the hopes of somehow making it in the NFL.

"I definitely have to wrestle with it, but at the same time it's a dream of mine to play one day in the NFL," said Guiton.

"I would be mad at myself if I didn't try to pursue that dream. Coaching will always be there. I'll come back, I'll be in coaching. I think it's in my heart, football is in my heart, so I think I can do pretty good at it and I'll be back."

The NFL may seem like a long-shot dream for Guiton, but there have been other players who were considered long-shots that have made quite a mark in the NFL.

"I look at guys like (Tom) Brady, that's one of the biggest idols I have right now because he was a guy not big going in and he just worked and that's one thing I want to do." said Guiton.

Brady was the 199th player picked in the sixth round of the 2000 draft. Since then he has been to the Super Bowl five times as a starting NFL quarterback and was named league MVP in both 2007 and 2010. He got a chance and made the most of it, and that is what Guiton is hoping for as well.

"I just want a shot. Free agency, late rounds, it doesn't matter. I just want the shot. Once you get to a camp it's all even," he said.

"I think an NFL team should draft me because I'm a great leader. I'm going to come in with some leadership, a positive mindset, and I'm going to learn. One thing. When my number is called, whether it's sooner or whether it's later, I do want to be that next Tom Brady, the guy that can step in and never look back."

Shazier is almost a sure bet for NFL success. Guiton is a definite long-shot to even get a look.

Don't bet against Kenny.

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