The Buckeye Watch: OSU vs. Michigan

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 02/04/2011 0:15 AM
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Men's Basketball
The Buckeye Watch - OSU vs. Michigan
By Tony Gerdeman

If life was a video game, beating Michigan would be how you replenished your health points. Right now, we are at full health and every football win gives us a free guy!

As far as boring games go, this was also one. Still, I could watch Michigan lose at something as unappealing as soccer, and still maintain interest.

These are the good times, folks. Enjoy them.

(Don't worry though, they're not going anywhere.)

6:59 There's nothing better than the feeling that right at this moment, there are Michigan fans being made miserable simply by the fact that they know that they will soon be miserable. The misery of pending misery is a wonderful drug. It's like PCP. At least I assume it is. I don't know a lot about drugs because I didn't go to Iowa.

7:00 The Buckeyes are looking for their 23rd win in a row, which would be a record apparently.

7:01 I'm gonna apologize in advance for not getting the names of all the white dudes on Michigan's team's correct.

7:03 The Buckeyes are in the grays. The Wolverines are in the stains.

7:04 Sweet mid-range jumper from William Buford. Strange that he passed up the three pointer though. I wonder what that means.

7:05 Great crowd on hand, and they just saw a baseline three from Jon Diebler. That's why they came. And now a second blocked shot already. But still, they want more Diebler. They paid for threes!!

7:06 Buckeyes lead Michigan 7-0. That's familiar.

7:07 Dallas Lauderdale now has two shots. Jared Sullinger has none. I think Thad needs to stop hitting the “Ask Corso” button.

7:08 There's another carry call for William Buford. That should already be his third tonight. It was only a matter of time before they whistled him.

7:11 Dana Jacobsen is on my television in tight clothes. And for the first time in a while, I'm happy that I don't have an HD television.

7:12 Sullinger backs it in like Snowman picking up a load of Coors. There's nobody better.

7:14 There's steal number one from Aaron Craft. Darius Morris thought the basketball was his. He was wrong. Just a straight pocket pick. Like a little cockney boy.

7:15 Another three for Diebler. That's two. With every three pointer, a hole gets punched in your ticket. After six, you win a free Diebler Fever mp3.

7:18 There's a three for Zack Novak. It's good to hate again. The game is tied at 14-14.

7:26 This Darius Morris vs. Craft matchup is pretty good. Craft won the first round. Morris won the second. The Fight Doctor Ferdie Pacheco has it 19-19 as well.

7:30 There's a turnover and foul by Craft. I wonder if he's feeling alright. I hope Thad has some Tussin!

7:35 Tim Hardaway Jr. just threw down a dunk to give Michigan the three-point lead, and surprisingly Thad Matta calls a timeout. Usually Thad will let his team work it out. Obviously he's not happy right now.

7:36 Aaron Craft is back in the game with two fouls and 4:30 to play in the half.

7:37 Oh my!! A back door alley-oop to Sullinger. THAT's why Thad called the timeout! He's a pretty decent coach sometimes.

7:40 Darius Morris loves to dribble. Dribble dribble dribble. Scotchy Scotch Scotch.

7:41 Ridiculous travel by Deshaun Thomas not called. (I'm an equal opportunity ref basher.)

7:43 The Buckeyes are throwing up some bricks tonight. Michigan leads it 26-23 with 1:00 to play.

7:44 Wow. Sullinger tried to take over, turned into a double team, Novak flops and Sullinger gets called for the charge instead of the and-one. Hate the Novak.

7:45 Ohio State now has nine turnovers. I wonder if that's a season high for the first half.

7:46 Stu Douglass throws up a halfcourt shot at the end of the half. Surprisingly, he misses. The Wolverines lead it 26-23 and Thad isn't very happy.

7:48 The Buckeyes started out 7-0 after about three minutes, then scored 16 the rest of the half. Time to start hitting shots, or else Sullinger is going to stop kicking the ball out. You hear that, everybody!? If you don't start making shots, he's going to keep the ball!

7:55 I'd tell you the halftime stats, but you don't even want to know. It's bad.

7:56 There's no tempo. No ability to hit open shots. No ability to finish. Sullinger is getting doubled every single time. Once shots start falling, however, all of this will change.

8:01 David Lighty is 0-3 with two turnovers. This half will not be part of his resume tape.

8:04 Buckeyes open the half by going down low to Sullinger, and he gets triple-teamed and loses the ball. Unbelievably frustrating, I bet. Hey, Aaron Craft is starting the second half. And he just turned it over.

8:06 I have a feeling that Sullinger is going to go to the line about 12 times this half.

8:09 The Buckeyes are attacking the paint right now and they're getting fouled because of it. The aggression is back. Still trail 30-27 though.

8:10 Nevermind. Buford just hit a step-back three-pointer to tie it.

8:11 Darius Morris and Aaron Craft keep going back and forth. This is going to be a fun one to watch over the years.

8:14 Jordan Morgan is probably having the game of his life. I think he has six points now.

8:15 Darius Morris just picked up his third foul. If he comes back in the game after these messages, they should go at him again.

8:19 Buckeyes get the lead back finally. A little high-low from Sullinger to Lighty. Haven't seen that one before. But I'll take it. Ohio State 36-34.

8:19 There's the Aaron Craft spinaroo that makes the ladies go crazy!

8:20 The Buckeyes are playing a man's game right now. If this game was played out in the driveway, the Wolverines would be heading inside to go watch cartoons pretty soon.

8:22 Willy Buuuuuu for threeeee! The baseline three...he didn't want it initially, but then decided that he was wrong to think like that. Buckeyes lead it 43-36 with 11:11 to play.

8:28 Jon Diebler's two-handed layup is long. The sure sign of a three-point shooter.

8:30 Two threes in a row for the Wolverines and now it's a two-point game. Just more fuel for the heartache, folks. Heck, let them get the lead if you want. It's all bear steroids in the end.

8:31 Stu Douglass misses bunnies like... [Future mission: Find bunny missing analogy.] [Foreseeable problem: What misses bunnies?]

8:38 Diebler airballs it. Sullinger corrals it and lays it in. Assist Diebler! Buckeyes lead it 50-44 with 4:50 to play.

8:42 Sullinger is just a monster. The offense runs through him and he knows where everybody is. Plus, I think he hides in opposing players' closets. Buckeyes lead it 54-45 with 2:57 to play.

8:48 I love ESPN. They're saying the refs should be calling more fouls on Ohio State. Is Herbstreit in the production truck feeding these guys lines?

8:49 Sullinger hates free throws. His dad yells at him to “JUST SHOOT IT!”. He's 5 for 11 tonight. Darius Morris is dribbling the ball like he's paid by the bounce.

8:52 The Buckeyes are shooting free throws right now to sew this one up. Oops, missed a stitch. And now they've sewn their thumb to their shirt. Still lead it 59-50 with 25.1 seconds to play, though.

8:53 Jared Sullinger had 19 points and 15 rebounds. And it's like normal for him. Slap yourself right now for being so spoiled. I SAID SLAP YOURSELF!

8:56 Buckeyes win it 62-53. I am a little sad that Jim Tressel will never again get the opportunity to try and top this 62-point outing. Ohio State is now 23-0.

8:59 Wow, Thad just said that the stuff they're (the opposition) doing down low to Sullinger is ridiculous and crazy. I grew up a Phil Jackson fan, and I love that Thad is manipulating future refs just like Jackson did. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing him get a hypnotist involved, and maybe make Ed Hightower cluck like a chicken when somebody blows a whistle.

9:02 You know, beating Michigan will never get old, but Jim Tressel and Thad Matta are sure trying their darnedest to make it happen.

9:07 Yes, the free throws may eventually catch up to this team. Watch and see if that stops me from enjoying them.

9:09 Well, I'm off to listen to rock music and see if I can find any misspellings in anything aboove. I probably won't.

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