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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 02/24/2012 8:00 PM

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Men's Basketball
Two-Minute Drill: Buford Preparing for Senior Day

By Brandon Castel

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State senior William Buford has only 40 minutes of basketball left in his home career as a Buckeye.

The Toledo native will play his final game in Value City Arena Sunday against Wisconsin (4 p.m. ET, CBS) and said he is primarily focused on getting a win and keeping the Buckeyes in the Big Ten title race.

Both he and Thad Matta spoke on that, along with Aaron Craft’s selection to the Academic All-American team on Friday.

Bye Bye Buford

  • Matta on Buford being only senior: "We've joked about him being the last man standing." Also called him the "lone ranger" of his recruiting class.
  • Matta said they attempted to count all the players Buford has played with at OSU, but they couldn't name them all.
  • After being with him for four years, Matta said he knows Buford cares and wants to play well.
  • Matta talked about how much Buford has developed as a person. "He used to come in with his hat pulled down, now he's bright eyed."
  • Matta said he hopes Buford goes down as one of the best Ohio State has had. “He will in my mind, and the statistics certainly support it.”
  • Buford admitted he really didn't plan on staying for 4 years when he got to Ohio State, but he has had so much fun and he graduates in June with degree in African-American studies.
  • Buford said he hopes Ohio State fans have good memories of him, "I know they hate me sometimes."
  • Buford doesn’t think the bar was set for him by Samantha Prahalis for Senior Day, "My bar is winning the game."
  • Buford said he remembers last year’s seniors being a little sad on Senior Day. They have told him to cherish every minute.

Jared’s Home Last Game Too?

  • Matta said he hasn't talked to Sullinger about this being his last home game. "There's a possibility. I hope it isn't."
  • He said the one thing he asked Jared to do at the start of the year was stay in the moment and focus entirely on this season and this basketball season.

Crafty in the Classroom

  • Matta said he doesn't know if he's ever been as happy as when he heard about Craft being named an Academic All-American.
  • Matta said the thing he takes from Craft to tell others is from until you wake until you sleep, do best you can in everything you do.
  • Buford said he never met anyone as smart as Craft. "He gets 100's on his exams. I never met anyone like that."
  • Craft admitted that he has always taken his studies seriously.
  • Buford did admit that Craft has rubbed off on him. Said he wants to get better grades and shows Craft when he does well on a test.

Buckeyes Peaking at Right Time?

  • Matta said he thinks his team is trending upward heading into March. "One thing you can never do is underestimate your competition."
  • Matta said it's important to get hot this time of year, but "we're playing opponents who are trying to get hot too."
  • Matta said Buford's off nights are not mechanical because he's unconventional to begin with.

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