Matta, Buckeyes on Iowa win

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 02/06/2013 9:32 AM

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Men's Basketball
Two-Minute Drill: Inside OSU-Michigan Postgame
By Brandon Castel

ANN ARBOR — Tuesday night’s overtime thriller at Crisler Arena turned out to be one the best basketball games of the year. Anywhere.

Even in defeat, the 10th-ranked Buckeyes showed heart and determination against an equally resolute Michigan team trying to avoid a two-game losing streak after starting the year with 16 straight wins.

Trey Burke hit the big three in overtime and Aaron Craft didn’t get the foul call on his last-second layup in a 76-74 win for the Wolverines. Here’s an inside look at what the coaches and players had to say in Ann Arbor after the game.

From Craft and Thomas…

* Deshaun Thomas and Aaron Craft both thought Craft got fouled on the last shot. Said the refs had been calling it tight.

* Craft said in the moment it made sense to push the ball and get to the basket on the last play.

* Craft said looking back there were 4 or 5 different things he could have done. Will feel sorry for himself on the way home then get over it.

* Deshaun said he wasn't upset about lack of touches in OT because his teammates were playing well. He's trying to be a more complete player.

* Craft came up to Burke before final play in regulation and said, "doesn't this feel like déjà vu." Burke proceeded to take same shot.

* Deshaun said his team played with heart and he is proud of them. They showed a fight tonight he hadn't seen in a while.

From Trey Burke…

* Burke said a lot of Tim Hardaway's threes came off plays where they knew OSU wasn't going to let Burke come off a screen.

* Craft does a great job of forcing Burke into another defender, but that left Hardaway with enough room to fire from behind the arc.

* Burke said after Craft stripped the ball, he was determined to get it back. "No matter what, I was going to get that ball back."

* Burke said he told his teammates the don't lose two in a row. They had to find a way to get this win at all costs.

* Burke said he knew Craft was going to pull up for the jumper there, but he actually jumped too early. Just swiped the ball away.

* Burke said he likes playing against Craft because it challenges him to be a better player. Happy he won't see him again until maybe March.

From John Beilein…

* Beilein: "I can't tell you how much I respect how well Ohio plays defense. We had to earn every basket."

* Beilein: "Those two point guards are very, very good and they give it all every time."

* Beilein said they were telling Burke not to go at Craft as hard on defense so he could save his energy, but it's not his nature.

* Beilein said LaQuinton Ross came in and gave them a huge lift on offense.

* Beilein on Burke: "Every game means a lot to him. He's a warrior. He goes after it."

* Beilein didn't want Burke to handle the ball the entire game because they wanted to "get Craft the heck out of there."

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