Day 3 in the Bahamas

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Last updated: 02/24/2013 11:29 PM

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OSU Athletics
Buckeye Cruise for Cancer: Day 3 in the Bahamas
By Brandon Castel

After traveling through the night, our boat, the Jewel of the Seas, arrived in Cococay, Bahamas, early on Saturday morning. We spent the day soaking up the sun on our own little slice of paradise.

And it truly was our own.

There was one other cruise ship that stopped at Cococay on Saturday, so the island was almost exclusively a mix of the two Royal Caribbean ships. It wasn’t nearly as rustic or charming as Key West, but Cococay is the perfect getaway for someone just looking to spend a day on the beach.

There were some shops selling souvenirs near the dock, but Cococay is a very much a man-made vacation destination. It’s an island that belongs to Royal Caribbean, and it really lacks the local feel.

The staff on the island was made up of local islanders, but we couldn’t even pay for food or drinks with cash on the island. We had to use our sail card, which worked out nicely for everyone who wanted to save some of that cash for the onboard casino.

After our adventure in Key West, we decided to take a day of sand and sun in the Bahamas. There wasn’t much to explore anyway, unless you’re one of those adventurers who wants to wander off into an unknown jungle.

I certainly am, but it’s not quite as easy to talk others into joining you in a place that looked like it came straight out of Jurassic Park.

Some Friendly Competition

There wasn’t much excitement on the island Saturday, which meant the Ohio State players had to find something occupy their time. Most of them had planned to do some jet skiing, but the current was too strong in the morning, which pushed everything back to the afternoon.

In the meantime, some guys decided to head out in the water to the inflatable amusement park that was built for kids. Bobby Carpenter, showing off his new crew cut, was one of the ‘big kids’ who strapped on a life vest and wandered out.

A lot of other players ended up at the volleyball courts. With Urban Meyer posted up in a lawn chair, guys like Eddie George, A.J. Hawk and James Laurinaitis jumped in on some friendly sand matches.

Shelley Meyer even got in on the action, but the team that dominated the day with an undefeated record featured Meyer’s daughter Gigi, a sophomore setter at Florida Gulf Coast University.

She joined forces with Scoonie Penn and Kirk Herbstreit to form the ultimate team. They even took down Eddie. Gigi looked like a natural out there, flicking the ball viciously over the net with the slightest twist of her wrist.

Let’s just say dad was beaming.

Back on the Boat

We road back over from Cococay with Eddie George and stopped in at the second night  of the Ultimate Buckeye Experience Auction in the Coral Theatre. Each player on board was asked to put together a package to be auctioned, and Kirk Herbstreit had the big-ticket item on Saturday night.

His package included airfare and hotels to Pasadena, along with tickets to the 2014 Rose Bowl and the 2014 BCS National Championship game, which will the last of its kind before college football flips over to a playoff system in 2014.

The package included hotel accommodations in California for the entire week between the Rose Bowl and the championship game. It was auctioned off for $40 thousand on Saturday night.

Former OSU center Michael Brewster had a nice package that included airfare, hotels, food and tickets to Jacksonville to see the Jaguars next year. It also included a pair of tickets to two OSU home games in A-deck for the 2013 football season.

Bengals wideout Dane Sanzenbacher put together a party package that included food and drinks for 50 people. He would also appear as the guest of honor at the party, which could be a graduation, birthday or just game-watching party.

Boar Hunting with Schlegel

The most exciting moment of the auction was when former OSU linebacker Anthony Schlegel took the stage. He was auctioning a trip to go hog hunting with him down in Texas. He brought out some people who had gone on trips with him before and they had the crowd pretty fired up about killing some wild boar.

The best part was the fact one of the guys he brought out to talk about his trip with Schlegel ended up being the guy who won the auction to go for a second time.

Former OSU point guard Scoonie Penn also had a nice item, which included a hand-made OSU wooden horse for kids and a chance to attend an OSU basketball game during the 2013-14 season with Scoonie.

It included up to 15 people in a private suite at Value City Arena, a tour of the new addition to the arena – including the new locker room – and the opportunity to play 5-on-5 with Scoonie Penn.

A Little Logsdon

We concluded day three on the cruise with a stop at the casino and a little live acoustic from the one and only Chris Logsdon at the Schooner Bar. Logsdon has been a campus favorite at Ohio State for 30 years and according to some he saw him play way back then, he hasn’t changed a bit.

Michael Brewster and his brother sat in on some Logsdon Saturday evening, and former Buckeye Ryan Miller stopped by for a guest appearance. He got up on the stage with Logsdon and sang a little bit for the crowd that gathered around for some Hang on Sloopy and other favorites.

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