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Davidson Photography is proud to offer for sale the photos that the-Ozone uses for editorial content. Virtually all of the photos found in our photo gallery can be purchased by contacting Davidson photo at the below address. These photos depict the players at their best. Each image is printed using the finest methods available and will last for generations when properly framed.

Photos of current athletes are NOT available to the public. Davidson Photo will not sell photos of current athletes for business use.

To order a photo, find the photo in our database that you are interested in and note the photo number and date. Both are listed at the top of each photo page. The required info will look something like this:

Photo# 06-08-21-FB-0109.jpg

Send an e-mail to Jim Davidson and include the required information for each photo that interests you. Jim will then coordinate size and payment options with you.

All images are copyrighted by Jim Davidson and have been used for editorial content by Ozone Communications.

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