You know you're a Buckeye fanatic when...

...when you leave the hospital ready for The Game!!


Submitted by Laurie & Rich Gibson.

...when you make sure your four-month old niece gets the right start in life by making sure she knows how to watch the Buckeyes on game day.


Submitted by Ellen Keiser. take the time to mow a block "O" in you lawn and leave it there so your neighbor, a Michigan fan, has to drive by it every day.

Submitted by Jeff Harris- -Somewhere near Defiance, Ohio

...your kid has a custom made Buckeye bicyle helmet.

Submitted by Chris English. brainwash your 8 month-old daughter early and often.

Submitted by Steve Hadley, Washington, D. C. purchase courtside "Maize Rage" student section tickets for you and 13 of your closest friends in November for a basketball game in March at scUM's Crisler Arena, and then help take over the the building with your rampant, echoing cheers.

Submitted by Mike Saad

-Block "O" GameDay Coordinator
-Block "O" Alumni Society Student Representative
-Department of Buckeye NutHouse Operations Associate
-2002 Ohio State Homecoming Late Night Committee Member
-2002 Beat Michigan Week Committee Member

...if you spend 3 hours and 2 pumpkins trying to carve script "Ohio" into your Halloween pumpkin, then get advice from an engineer on how to attach the dot!

Darren Montgomery
user name: tbdbitl
former "i" dotter - 10-01-88

...when you design and build a home theatre in Scarlet and Grey with a football field ceiling and a 52" x 92" screen so you can feel as if you're in Ohio Stadium evey week. Makes my SEC loving neighbors here in Atlanta real nervous.

Submitted by Michael Beckman spend all year building the horseshoe out of beer cans that you emptied watching your Ohio State Buckeyes!!

From Lance Myers and the other bucknuts in Pataskala Ohio

P.S. We just recycled these cans and only got 25.00 dollars there where about 2200 empty beer cans in there. dedicate a whole level of your home (despite pleas from your wife) to the Bucks.

From Chris/Erin/Anthony/Ava Chiudioni
Centerville, Ohio

...when you paint a scaled version of Ohio Stadium's football field on your son's bedroom wall.


Submitted by Mark Miller, 1990 BSME
Hamilton, OH

Enjoy and Go Bucks!!

...when you tell your 4 year old son to "pee on one of the cars from Michigan" when he announces that he has to go potty in the Cedar Point parking lot. (Note: the Michigan License Plate is a little blurry due to laughter by the photographer)

Submitted by John Baumer, a great Buckeye fan and long-time friend of Mr. Ed and his family.

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