You Know You're a Buckeye Fanatic When... have your kid's picture taken with Jim Thome at the Buckeye game.

Submitted by Paula Stout spend 4 to 5 hours creating a "Buckeye Boogieman" on a pumpkin that will rot and have to be thrown away three weeks later!


Submitted by Ron, Wooster, Ohio drive 8 Hours to Madison, even after everyone in the car had 10 White Castles after leaving the VC the night before.

[Editors Note: Do you suppose the one guy not smiling is the guy that didn't get a window?]


Submitted by Matt Williams

...your four year old builds a sand castle in the shape of the 'shoe (I think Dad helped a little).


Submitted by Diana Bader

...when you think Coach Tressel should "send in" your grandson when we have a 10 point lead.


Our grandson...decked out and ready to play...Baby Buckeye James! James Newton Kirian during the Texas Tech game! Hope you use this! Thanks, Linda and Jim Kirian Scottsville, KY 42164 cheer before you can walk.


Submitted by Scott Davis Bellefontaine, Ohio

... you risk life and limb putting the OSU flag up 20 minutes after the Buckeyes beat Michigan in 2001 at Tinker's Pitstop in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in a little town called Paradise population 250. The owner caught lots of flack from the locals. The flag later went missing.

Submitted by forgo the usual pumpkin faceand instead opt for the inspirational Buckeye message. Let's Go Buckeyes!!

Submitted by:

Tom and Kathy Tracy
Mount Tabor, NJ

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