You know you're a Buckeye Fanatic When... get a tattoo of BRUTUS on your leg to show your permanent commitment as a Buckeye Fan!


Submitted by

Scott Robinson
Vincent, OH
Class of '89'

...your kid's birth announcement's proclaim them as Buckeye fans as they enter the earth.


Submitted by Chris English
Mason, OH

You have a Scarlet and Grey Dodge, with "Hang On Sloopy" on the trunk and....

Your License Plate Says So!

Submitted by Rick Moore, Payne Ohio

You make sure your pug is dressed properly on game day.

Submitted by Carl Bako, Barberton Ohio name your daughter Scarlet, and you are going to name your yet to be born child next child (but due in four months) Grayson, whether its a boy or a girl.

Submitted by Alan Frishman

Editors Note: Alan is Mr. Ed's son, Scarlet is his granddaugher, and Gray will be my grandwhatever. I can't wait to go to their house and say "Scarlet and Gray, come to Grandpa!

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