Tate Martell Throwing Ohio State Spring Game

The Buckeye Re-Watch: 2017 Ohio State Spring Game

I don’t usually go back and put too much time and effort into watching the Ohio State Spring Game broadcast when I get home, but this year was a bit unique in that I actually felt like doing it. Neither of us are interested in rehashing my “Ten Things We Learned…”, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty more to talk about, especially after taking a closer look once…

…And Starring Tony Alford as ‘The Batman’

You ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight? Ohio State running backs coach Tony Alford asks that of all of his running backs (not really) before he whacks them with a bat like the one pictured above. He just…likes the sound of it. Alford isn’t joking around in practice, however, as he swings the bat in drills in order for his players to work on ball security. He…
Things get a little heated in the Circle Drill Spring Game 2017

Spring Winners and Losers

The public scrimmage also known as “the Spring Game” is in the books. Those subscribing to the charade will tell you that the score was 38-31 and that the Scarlet team won. You might detect a note of sarcasm in that first paragraph, but ask yourself this: when was the last time the people you know weren’t upset about an OSU football loss? The OSU Gray lost, people should be…
Buckeye Football Notebook Spring Ohio State

Buckeye Football Notebook: ‘Boy, if you drop that ball I’m gonna clown you’

The throwback pass to J.T. Barrett on Saturday was put in the Buckeyes’ playbook earlier in the week and they had practiced it several times in preparation for the game. Catching a football is something that players have been doing their entire lives, but for Barrett, he had a little added pressure applied to him by former teammate Cardale Jones. “Oh my goodness, it was so funny,” Barrett said. “Me…
Ohio State Buckeye Football Mailbag

Buckeye Football Mailbag: Pre-Spring Game Edition – Part II

We covered Part I of this Mailbag on Tuesday, so rather than write another needless introductory paragraph, I would direct you to the link above so that you can be properly introduced to this spring mailbag because how else are you going to have any idea of what you are reading unless you are introduced to it via some preliminary words before you get to the portion of the content…
Kendall Sheffield

Have Buckeyes Found Third Member of Corner Rotation in Kendall Sheffield?

Kendall Sheffield didn’t come to Ohio State to provide depth, he came to Ohio State to see the field early and often. Based on his spring performance so far, he has been everything the Buckeye coaches had hoped he would be. Maybe even a little more. After just two weeks of practice, the redshirt sophomore junior college transfer had his black stripe removed. That’s indicative of a quick acclimation to…