Buckeyes eyeing pocket passer?

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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 10/01/2012 8:06 AM
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Football Recruiting
Buckeyes Eyeing Pocket Passer for 2014?
By Michael Chung

It is no secret that Ohio State wants a quarterback in the 2014 class and there is no shortage of excellent recruits that already have Ohio State interest.

One of these quarterbacks at the top of Urban Meyer’s wish list is kid from Arizona named Kyle Allen. Unlike the dual-threat quarterback Ohio State has right now in Braxton Miller, Allen is a more pro-style quarterback who can also run the spread attack.

At 6-2 and 200 pounds, this QB prospect hails from Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, Ariz., and Ohio State fans in the Copper State can attest that this kid will be a good quarterback wherever he lands at the next level.  

His teammate, WR/TE Mark Andrews, already spoke with The-Ozone and had rave reviews for his quarterback and close friend. Would a pro-style QB work in the new system under Meyer and offensive coordinator Tom Herman’s system? With 4-star dual-threat QB J.T. Barrett already committed for 2013, is there a need for another QB to balance out the offense? We recently caught up with Allen, who took time to answer questions from The-Ozone.

Ozone: Tell us about the recruiting process; how is it going?

Allen: Good, I am toning it down during the season because I want to focus on our team and try to win a championship. I receive letters every day and am really enjoying the recruiting process. Arizona State, Alabama and Ohio State send the most. ASU’s letters are hand written while Ohio State and Alabama are more generic; sometimes I receive a long letter from Tom Herman and the Alabama Offensive Coordinator, but I have received nothing personally from Nick Saban or Urban Meyer.

Ozone: Would you consider yourself a Pro-style QB or Spread?

Allen: I am classified as a pro-style QB. Our offense is a quick play-action passing game. Pro-style is more pass first, run second, where spread may have the QB run more. So I would say I am more pro-style. Our offense is four-wide spread out to get receivers in space, so there are a lot of similarities to the collegiate spread offenses but I personally do not run too much. I am a passing QB. We have no option or designed quarterback runs in our high school offense.

Ozone: What have coaches told you is your greatest weakness and strengths?

Allen: My greatest strength is also my greatest weakness, it is the mental side of the game. I need to master my receiver reads. My coaches say once I master my reads and pick defenses with my mind, I will be a very difficult quarterback to defend so I need to master reads. I am pretty accurate with my passes. I think my mental side is the best but lots to improve.

Ozone: Do you have a top 5?

Allen:  Not yet. I am keeping everything open, it is too early.

Ozone: Tell us about Ohio State? What are they saying to you?

Allen: I am extremely interested in Ohio State, I talk to Herman and he says I am a top player. Whoever they pick they want to run their offense for 3-4 years. I talk to Coach Herman once a week. A lot of times we talk just about our lives and what is going on from day-to-day, we have a really good relationship.

Ozone: Which coaching staffs do you have the best relationships with?

Allen: I am really close to Tom Herman and coach (Mike) Norvell at ASU. He was one of the first ones to recruit me, and coach (Noel) Mazzone out of UCLA. I have offers from both ASU and UCLA.

Ozone: What kind of player is Mark Andrews, your teammate at Desert Mountain High School?

Allen: He is a competitor, ferocious on the field; he is all over the place. Throw the ball close to him and he will catch it. If I put the ball in the right spot, I know he will catch it.  We know each other’s tendencies and our friendship helps our chemistry. He picks me up during games and I pick him up. He runs the right routes, if I put the ball in his vicinity, 99-percent he will catch it.

Ozone: Are you and Mark a package deal?

Allen: I would not say that, we would go where we think we will fit best. It would be great to go to the same school, but we will go where it is best for each of us and if it is the same school, great. He has different offers than I do right now. We only have a few similar offers: Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, North Carolina and Boise State.

Ozone: If OSU offered where would they be?

Allen: They would be at or near the top. They are a great football program, great tradition, outstanding fans, and a football-crazy town. It would be great to have an offer. My father has a good relationship with Urban Meyer because he hosted him for the Fiesta Bowl (Dad is on the Fiesta Bowl committee). He would be very happy if I played for coach +M1`eyer and knows

that he would take care of me.

Ozone Quick Hitters with Kyle Allen:

Biggest lesson your parents taught you? For me, they have taught me to be humble and not boast but I do not want to show off. I want to be a person to be thankful for my blessings. I want to help my team out I do not want to think about college, I want to focus on my team and help win a state championship.
Favorite thing to do in AZ? Go to the lake or be in the pool, the summers get hot.
Your  hobbies? Football dominates my life, hanging out with friends.
Who are your role models? My parents, my dad is my biggest role model. He started a new job and continued paying for my mom to get through nursing school. My dad did not play college football, he is on the Fiesta Bowl committee so he loves football.
What is AZ’s best thing to eat? Either Mexican food or I love to eat an In-and-Out Burger. We go there after every game.
Best subject? Math, I do not like it that much but am good at it.

*Thank you so much Kyle for taking the time to update Buckeye Nation on your recruitment. We look forward to connecting with you again and hope you have a chance to visit Ohio State after the season. It is great to hear you have put recruiting as a secondary priority to focus on the season and your football team. Good luck with the rest of your season.

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