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Last updated: 09/25/2012 10:18 AM
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Football Recruiting
Herman Targeting Monster Weapon for 2014
By Michael Chung

Standing 6-6 and 225 pounds, Mark Andrews is a highly sought-after TE/WR in the Aaron Hernandez/Jake Stoneburner mold.

The junior out of Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, Arizona, already has many offers from top schools around the country, including Arizona and Arizona State along with Boise State, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma and UCLA. 

The Buckeyes have already offered him for the class of 2014, and Urban Meyer would love to steal this desert beast Northeast to Columbus. His teammate, Kyle Allen , is also a top prospect the Buckeyes are looking at for next year’s class.

Unlike Andrews, Allen doesn’t have an Ohio State offer yet, but the 6-2 quarterback does have offers from Arizona, ASU, UNC, Oklahoma State and UCLA. Could this be a two-for-one deal? Does he want to leave the desert or is he hoping to stay out West?

We recently caught up with Andrews to see where his recruitment stands.

Ozone: Living in Arizona, is Ohio State even on the radar of high school football players?

Andrews: Definitely, it is a very good program with a national reputation; I myself am extremely interested in considering Ohio State.

Ozone: Before Ohio State offered, did you remotely have any interest in the Buckeyes?

Andrews: I have always watched them on TV but I was not a fan growing up. I have always had good thoughts of the program.

Ozone: Does the fact that Urban Meyer is an offensive guru and has made players like Aaron Hernandez an offensive weapon make OSU more appealing?

Andrews: Yes! Definitely, he is a great coach who knows what he is doing and his offense is always in check.

Ozone: Which player would you compare yourself most too?

Andrews: I have the frame of a Calvin Johnson, but my game is more like Tony Gonzalez.

Ozone: When do you think you will visit Ohio State?

Andrews: I am thinking of going for a game but if not, I will try to figure out a time after the season or next year.

Ozone: Tell me what kind of player Kyle Allen is? Does he have interest in OSU?

Andrews: Kyle has interest in OSU, actually, he is extremely interested in OSU. Kyle is a great QB, smart, I can’t say enough good things about him, and he is an amazing QB at the high school level.

Ozone: Have you two talked about going to the same school together?

Andrews: We are both interested in going to school together and talked about it. It would be nice but not essential; where he goes to school is a factor. We are really good friends and have been best friends since kindergarten.

Ozone: What would you say is your top 5?

Andrews: I do not have a top 5 keep right now; I want to keep my options open. I am definitely looking at Ohio State very strongly. All the schools I have offers, OSU does stand out to me as a great school with a lot of tradition. I am also interested in Oklahoma, I was a fan as a little kid and they have offered. It would also be cool to play for a hometown team so I am interested in many schools. I think the Arizona schools have a little advantage but not to the point that they lead.

Ozone: Which schools are recruiting you the hardest?

Andrews: Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, Oklahoma, Ohio State, I get a lot of mail from all of them.

Ozone: Which coaches are you calling the most?

Andrews: I try to talk to all coaches every two weeks unless they social media me to call more. I try to call every coach.

Ozone: Which coaches are you clicking with the most?

Andrews: I have a great relationship with Arizona State in general. I talk to the offensive coordinator at Ohio State—Tom Herman—he is a great guy.

Ozone: What motivates you?

Andrews: I love competition and hate to lose and I like to win in everything, including the classroom. I have a 3.4 GPA and I want it higher. Competition drives me.

Ozone Quick Hitters with Mark Andrews:

Best place to eat in Scottsdale? Houston’s and Goldies (burgers).
What you would miss most if you went to school outside AZ? I would miss the interaction with family. I love the heat of AZ and would miss that.
If you were asked to cook dinner, what would you serve? Watermelon and burgers, I love burgers.
If you could sit down with one person, who would it be? In terms of football, I admire Jerry Rice.
What is one thing Arizona offers that most people do not know? People think Arizona is always hot and always 100 degrees, in the winter and spring it is in 70’s.

*We would like to thank Mark for taking the time to talk with us all the way from the desert, and for letting Buckeye Nation know a little more about him. We wish you luck this season and throughout the rest of your recruitment.  

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