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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 10/08/2012 5:20 AM
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Football Recruiting
Can Urban Keep the Cleveland Glenville Pipeline Flowing?
By Michael Chung

No school has been more famous for producing Buckeyes over the last decade than Cleveland’s Glenville High School. It has often been referred to as the “pipeline to Ohio State” or the “Cleveland-Glenville Pipeline” since Jim Tressel became the head coach in Columbus more than 11 years ago.

With names like Troy Smith, Ted Ginn Jr. and Donte Whitner having played in the NFL, not to mention a number of Buckeyes on the current roster hailing from Ted Ginn Sr.’s house, it is not a stretch to call it the I-71 South pipeline to Ohio State.

The Buckeyes need offensive linemen and the Tarblooders have a highly coveted one for the 2014 in Marcelys Jones. Standing 6-5 and weighing 325 pounds, Jones is a man among boys on the football field.

He already holds an offer from Ohio State and Indiana, and Jones recently gave us insight into his recruiting, as well as a behind the scenes glimpse at his coach, Ted Ginn Sr., who is the godfather of the pipeline.

Ozone: When did you receive the offer?

Jones: Coach (Stan) Drayton told me the 21st Sept. It was a great feeling. I was expecting an offer but not so soon.

Ozone: Tell me about Ted Ginn Sr., what is he like? Does he encourage players to look at OSU?

Jones: He is like a father to me, a great person, always there no matter what is going on. He always makes time for the kids. He is great to be around and look up to. He wants what is best for me and is not partial to OSU, whatever fits you best in education is where he wants you to go.

Ozone: People refer to Cleveland-Glenville as the OSU pipeline; do players on the team talk about OSU? How do fellow Tarblooders feel about this reference?

Jones: It will always be there; the players down there at OSU from Cleveland Glenville say they love Ohio State. They enjoy the culture and environment; they love it. I even talk to Kyle Dodson and others and they say they love it too.

Ozone: Do former NFL Glenville Buckeyes hang around the team? What do they say?  What do they say about Urban Meyer?

Jones: They definitely come around when they are not busy. They tell us to work hard and put in the work, encourage us to be our best and be positive at all times. The program around here is really good. They do not say anything about Urban but you can’t knock him, he is an excellent coach, he is up there with the best and I would love to play for him. The decision is open and I am waiting for other offers, he is a good coach. Ted Ginn Sr. and Urban Meyer are really good friends, close friends but Ginn Sr. does not pressure us to OSU, he wants us to get the best education so we can someday provide for our family.

Ozone: What are your top 5 schools? Where does OSU stand?

Jones: I do not have a top 5. I cannot really say right now. I am really interested in Alabama but I do not have an offer, I like (Nick) Saban’s way of playing. Not really thinking about it now. OSU stands out, it is like being recruited by hometown a lot of Tarblooders go there for school. If Alabama offered, they would be in my top 5.

Ozone: Where do you think Chris Worley will commit? Marshon Lattimore?

Jones: I really do not know where Chris will go. He is coming down to make his decision soon. I do not want to say anything and give wrong info, so I’d rather not say. Marshon? I really can’t say, but we want to go to school with each other and  stay together. No one is pressuring us. Marcus Hall, Christian Bryant, De’van Bogard, Cardale Jones, they tell us to make the best decision.

Ozone: Are you guard, tackle or center?

Jones: I can play all three.

Ozone: If you were a scout for an NCAA team, who would you say are the two best players on the current Cleveland Glenville team?

Jones: I think it is between Chris Worley and Marshon Lattimore, Chris Overton, Herbert Walker, so many explosive players; Carl Dowdell, a 6-3 receiver goes up and gets everything, Darrell Howard a DE is a great player. We have a lot of D-1 talent and many guys are being overlooked.

Ozone Quick Hitters with Marcelys Jones:

Best restaurant in Cleveland? Alexander’s
Most fun thing(s) to do in Cleveland? Browns, HS football is big, lots to do.
Indians or Browns or Cavaliers as most popular pro team? Cavaliers or Browns but it is hard to say. Fans are die hard so roll with all three
Cleveland mostly Buckeye or is it split between UM like Toledo? Buckeye
Tressel or Shurmer for Browns? Give Tressel a shot.
Closest friend who is a former Tarblooder? Closest to my cousin Aundrey Walker at USC, Marcus Hall, Cardale Jones, De’van, etc. All are friends.

*Thank you so much Marcelys for your time. We love to hear about Cleveland Glenville and Buckeye Nation considers Ted Ginn Sr. one of its own. We look forward to taking to you again when things become clearer.

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