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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 09/11/2012 1:10 AM
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Football Recruiting
Buckeyes Want Big ‘Zeus’ at Left Tackle
By Michael Chung

(Editor’s Note: This is the latest contribution to the-Ozone for Michael Chung. He has provided OSU recruiting information to several websites in the past, but now will be exclusive to the-Ozone as we look to bring more football recruiting coverage in the coming months. You can follow him on Twitter @MChungOzone).

The son of the late Orlando “Zeus” Brown Sr. – who played for the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens – Orlando “Zeus” Brown Jr. is a towering 6-9, 360 pounds.

He is desired by many QBs to protect them, but only one school is going to land this monster bookend in the class of 2014.

Hailing from Suwanee, Ga., Brown plays at Peachtree Ridge High School – the same school that produced both Bradley Roby and Cameron Heyward. Zeus already holds offers from schools like Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Notre Dame and USC.

So basically every school in the country, except for one notable program down in Norman, Okla.

Ohio State would love to add Zeus to their “Peachtree Ridge Pipeline” following Roby and Heyward. His father was part of the infamous scene in which an official threw a penalty flag that hit Brown’s father in the eye. Brown Sr.’s eyesight was so damaged that he was not able to play for three seasons, but before the injury, he was one of the highest-paid offensive linemen in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns.

Orlando Brown Jr. is a very mature young man, having the poise of an adult – well spoken and respectful. He prefers to be called Zeus, in honor of his late father who died of diabetic ketoacidosis back in 2011. He recently took sometime to answer a few questions from The-Ozone.

Ozone: When did Ohio State offer you?

Zeus: I am not sure the exact date but it was sometime in the spring. I talked to coach (Everett) Withers and Urban Meyer and made a visit.

Ozone: How was your OSU visit?

Zeus: It was great! It is a great campus, excellent coaching staff, fantastic tradition, excellent fan base. I also got to talk to Bradley Roby who also graduated from my school.

Ozone: How well do you know Bradley Roby and Cam Heyward?

Zeus: Bradley and Cam both went to my school. Bradley came down for practice and I got to know him then but I do not know Cam Heyward. I have seen him around town and he does not live too far from me, but I do not know him. He is a legend here, though.

Ozone: What position do you play?

Zeus: I can play either left or right tackle. I am left-handed so I prefer the left side. Most colleges want leaner, faster, more athletic types for tackle. For my size, I am fairly athletic. Ohio State wants me at left tackle.
Ozone: Who are your top schools?

Zeus: I do not have a top school; I am all over the place right now and am not rushing any decision.

Ozone: When do you think you will commit?

Zeus: After or during my senior year or on National Signing Day.

Ozone: Who are the coaches you have drawn closes too?

Zeus: Tough question. I try to stay away from that. I really focus on school and football so I do not stay in contact. I talked to South Carolina and Michigan recently to try to set some visit dates.

Ozone: Will Ohio State be one of your official visits?

Zeus: Not sure yet.

Ozone: Any schools you will likely visit?

Zeus: If I get an Oklahoma offer, I will visit them. My dad always wanted to go to Oklahoma, always a good team, a good college. It is weird, but my dad was recruited heavily by Oklahoma and wanted to go there but did not have the grades. Iowa has offered and is likely a visit. So as of now, Oklahoma if they offer and Iowa.

Ozone: Your dad passed away recently and you mentioned that he always wanted to play for Oklahoma, do you think his legacy would sway you to OU?

Zeus: My dad passed in Sept., as crazy as this sounds, he does not influence me. I do not play football because he wants me too. He never pushed me to play football, despite playing in the NFL, he never pushed me to like Oklahoma. I like Oklahoma because I like them.

Ozone Quick Hitters with Zeus Brown:

Hobbies? Walking my dog, football
Favorite Food? Steak
Movies? Waterboy, the Blindside.
TV shows? NFL network, that is all I watch
Sports team? Detroit Lions. My dad played for the Ravens and the Browns, but I liked Barry Sanders, dad went to college with former Lions player.

*Thank you Zeus for your time. Let us know if you will visit Ohio State and we hope your college choice can become clear in the coming months.

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