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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 01/14/2013 5:03 PM

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Football Recruiting
Crunching Numbers: Ohio State Roster Space Limited
By Brandon Castel

COLUMBUS, Ohio — With a scholarship limit of just 82 again this season, Urban Meyer and his coaching staff will have to make some tough decisions over the next few weeks leading up to National Signing Day.

Meyer and the Buckeyes would love to add two more wide receivers and at least one more offensive line to a class that is sitting at 22 right now, but they are also going to hold a spot for 5-star safety Vonn Bell until the bitter end.

Bell took his official visit to Columbus this weekend, and our recruiting analyst Michael Chung said everything went well with him and his parents. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to be a Buckeye, however, because Bell still has an in-home visit from Nick Saban along with an official visit to Tuscaloosa.

The Buckeyes have to settle for those two receivers and a lineman to finish out the class if Bell decides to stay down south with either Alabama or Tennessee. The only problem with that is the fact Ohio State is actually right up against that 82 scholarship limit as things already stand.

We crunched some numbers on the current roster, and the Buckeyes have 66 scholarship players right now in Columbus, including the five new guys from the 2013 class who enrolled early. That leaves 17 more kids who are currently committed but won’t enroll at Ohio State until after Spring Semester.

Combine the two groups and Ohio State is sitting right at 82, although they don’t actually have to be down to that number until they open camp in the fall. A lot can happen between now and then, and indications are that at least one player on the roster (safety Jamie Wood) is headed for a medical hardship waiver because of his shoulder.

It could be two if Conner Crowell’s ankle doesn’t respond the way they were hoping it would, but there is also a good chance a few more players will follow Verlon Reed out the door this offseason.

Reed and Johnathan Hankins (NFL) are the only two underclassmen who have left the team this offseason, and all indications are that both Bradley Roby and Carlos Hyde will be back next season.

Current Roster (Already Enrolled) – 66

QB (4) – B.Miller (Jr.), K.Guiton (Sr.), C.Jones (rFr.), J.Barrett (Fr.)
RB (5) – C.Hyde (Sr.), J.Hall (rSr.), R.Smith (rJr.), B.Dunn (So.), W.Ball (rFr.)
FB (0)
WR (6) – C.Brown (Sr.), D. Smith (Jr.), E.Spencer (Jr.), M.Thomas (So.), C.Fields (Sr.), F.Epitropolous (rFr.)
TE (3) – J.Heuerman (Jr.), N.Vannett (rSo.), B.Thomas (rFr.)
OL (13) –J.Mewhort (rSr.), A.Norwell (Sr.), C.Linsley (rSr.), M.Hall (rSr.), T.Decker (So.), K.Dodson (rFr.), A.Underwood (Jr.), J.Boren (So.), C.Farris (rSo.), D.Baldwin (rJr.), J.O'Connor (rFr.), P.Elflein (rFr.), T. Brown (rSo.) 
LEO (3) – N.Spence (So.), S.Miller (Jr.), T.Lewis (Fr.)
DT (4) – M.Bennett (Jr.), J.Hale (Jr.), T.Schutt (So.), C.Carter (rSo.)
SSE (4)- A.Washington (So.), J.Moore (rJr.), S.Pittman (rFr.), T.Sprinkle (Fr.)
LB (8) – R.Shazier (Jr.), J.Perry (So.), C.Williams (So.), D.Perkins (So.), J.Marcus (So.), C.Grant (Jr.), C.Crowell (r.So.), L.Roberts (rFr.)
CB (7) – B.Roby (rJr.), D.Grant (Jr.), A.Griffin (rJr.), A.Reeves (So.), N.Murray (So.), E.Apple (Fr.), C.Burrows (Fr.)
S (7) – C.Barnett (Sr.), C.Bryant (Sr.), C.Brown (Sr.), D.Bogard (So.), R.Tanner (rSo.), T.Powell (So.), J.Wood (Sr.)
K (1) – D.Basil (Sr.)
P (0)
LS (1) –  B.Haynes (rSo.)

Incoming Freshmen (Not Enrolled) – 17

QB (0)
RB (1) – E.Elliott
FB (0)
WR (2) – J.Marshall, T.Jacobs
TE (1) – M.Baugh
OL (2) – E.Lisle, T.Gardner
LEO (0) –
DT (3) – M.Hill, B.Price, D.Munger
SSE (1) –  J.Bosa
LB (2) – M.Mitchell, T.Johnson
CB (1) – G.Conley
S (3) – J.Thompson, D.Lee, C.Worley
K (0)
P (1) – J.Townsend
LS (0)

Remaining 2013 Targets

QB (0)
RB (0)
FB (0)
WR (5) – S.Gibson, C.Smith, C.Elder, J.Clark, R.Timmons
TE (0)
OL (2) – C.Hunt, D.Skipper
LEO (0)
DT (0)
DE (0)
LB (0)

CB (0)
S (1) – V.Bell

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