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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 11/21/2012 5:21 AM
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Football Recruiting
4-Star O-Lineman Planning Texas-Sized Surprise?
By Michael Chung

With Dorian Johnson’s commitment to Pitt over the weekend, the offensive line is even more of a priority for the Buckeyes. Ohio State will try to recruit another o-lineman for 2013, but it’s starting to look like 2014 will need to have at least 4-5 guys on the offensive front.

One big target is Demetrius Knox . A huge fan of the Buckeyes growing up, Knox is one of the many offensive line prospects OSU will try to lure for next year’s recruiting class.

I first had a chance to meet Demetrius Knox in Dallas, where Alabama opened the season against Michigan. He graciously scaled the halls of the Jerry Dome texting me his whereabouts until we finally met up at a specific location. The Jerry Dome (Cowboys Stadium) was so loud that we had to go into the hallways to conduct the interview. A top recruit at offensive linemen, Knox is being hotly pursued by Texas, TCU, Alabama and the Buckeyes. You can watch his first Ozone interview here,.

Ozone: Why did you decide to commit on Nov. 26?

Knox: I just woke up one day talked to family, coaching staff, and friends and out of nowhere I feel like this school is it and I can feel comfortable here. Talked it over with my friends and family and they thought the same. Wanted to come back from thanksgiving break with a commitment.

Ozone: What are the schools you are considering?

Knox: Texas, Ohio State, TCU and Alabama

Ozone: Which coaching staff do you feel most comfortable with?

Knox: I have to say all the staffs I am close, I love the TCU staff and talk to them all the time, really good staff and team. I can see myself going to TCU for 4-5 years.

Ozone: Will you visit Ohio State?

Knox: That is a surprise. These next couple days I am going off the radar.

Ozone: How important is it for you to play close to home?

Knox: I have family and friends all across America, all my top choices I will have someone there. My mom says wherever I go to school, she can pick up and move with me.

Ozone: Tell me about your friendship with Daniel Greshem? How would he feel if you went somewhere else?

Knox: I have been talking to him a lot about my decision, ever since he committed to Texas he says that I have to do whatever is best for me. If we go separate ways we will always meet back up when we are free. I have known him since middle school.

Ozone: What is Mack Brown like? How does he compare to Urban Meyer?

Knox: Mack Brown is a cool guy, I like him as a coach and can see myself under his wing, learn from him about becoming a man. Urban Meyer is from the north and Mack from the south, it is hard to describe them. They both love to win. I talk to both of them about the same.

Ozone: Which OSU coaches do you talk to the most?

Knox: Coach (Ed) Warinner, coach Tom Herman, and Mr. (Mark) Pantoni. I talk to OSU coaches almost every day.

Ozone: What would you say to someone like me who says you are a University of Texas lock?

Knox: It is funny to me, all through my life, I just love to surprise people and do the unexpected. There is a chance I will not commit to UT on Nov. 26.

Ozone: Which sports teams did you follow growing up?

Knox: I followed Ohio State as a young kid, followed Dallas Cowboys freshman year in high school.

Ozone: What is your best Ohio State memory?

Knox: Hard to pick one, have to say entire time Terrelle Pryor was at OSU, he was my guy. I was upset the way his career ended and now I am a big Raiders fan. I have talked to Braxton Miller and his older brother and my older brother are great friends. I played peewee football with Braxton Miller when we were little, he was older. Braxton is like an older brother to me.

Quick Hitters with Demetrius Knox:

You said you do not drink milk, when did this start? I never liked milk. I have no idea how I got my calcium. When my mom was pregnant she must have loved drinking it. She loves tomatoes and I hate them.
If you could go out on a date with one person in the world, who would it be? Either Alicia Keys or Halle Berry.
Who would you most want to have a cup of coffee with? Michael Oher, he is my favorite offensive lineman in the NFL.
What is your best dish that you cook? Breakfast, eggs bacon, sausage omelets, breakfast chef.

*Thank you so much Demetrius and we look forward to November 26 when you make your announcement. I for one, will be shocked if you do not pick UT but best of luck wherever you decide to go.

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