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Last updated: 09/18/2012 12:24 PM
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Football Recruiting
Buckeyes Fishing for Big Trout in 2014
By Michael Chung

When one thinks of Lancaster, Ohio, and the Buckeyes, names like Jim Cordle, Bobby Carpenter and Luke Roberts immediately come to mind. 

Another name that Ohio State is looking at is Kyle Trout. This 6-6, 280-pound giant comes across as gentle, unless you happen to be standing in front of him on the football field.

With Ohio State still looking a little short on the offensive line in the 2013 class, it is imperative that Urban Meyer and his coaches recruit four to five solid guys on the offensive front for 2014. Could the Buckeyes reel in this Trout for 2014? He doesn’t have an offer just yet, but he did visit Columbus for Ohio State’s Friday Night Lights camp over the summer.

 He recently took some time to talk to us about his recruitment.

Ozone: You do not have an OSU offer yet, what have the coaches said about a scholarship?

Trout: They have not offered yet but in talking to coach (Ed) Warinner, he said the staff is very interested in me. They told me after summer camp that I was one of the two best linemen there and that they were impressed. They said that they would like to watch some more film and few more games but an offer is likely coming and I also think the coaches will offer soon but I really do not have a guarantee.

Ozone: You visited both Ohio State and Ohio U. recently, how were the visits?

Trout: OSU was awesome. I had 40-yard line seats behind the bench and could hear everything and see everything they said on offense. I really enjoyed both visits but the atmosphere at Ohio State was a little more electric.

Ozone: If an offer came from Ohio State, would you commit immediately?

Trout: No, I will want to think it over. Let the wow factor sink in then I will make the best decision and try not to base it on emotion.

Ozone: Is there anyone in the 2013 or 2014 class that you have become friends with?

Trout: I talk to Jimmy Byrne (from St. Ignatius) on social media. We went to some of the same camps, but never been on the same visits. He will play tackle and has an offer from OSU. We know each other. I am not sure if he has a committable or non-committable offer.

Ozone: What is a non-committable offer?

Trout: My dad read on a website it is like a kiss from your sister. It is a cool thing but you can’t do anything with it. It is like “Hey we are really interested but you can’t do anything.”

Ozone: What kind of player do you think Luke Roberts will be? He is at OSU now but was your high school teammate.

Trout: I think, when he gets his shot he will surprise people. He is a great leader and brought lots of enthusiasm. He knew what to say and never let anyone slack. A very hard worker, he will be a great player. Other players from opposing teams spit in his face, played dirty against him but he controls his temper and stays calm collected. He is a great role model.

Ozone: Do you talk to Luke much? What does he tell you?

Trout: He says he loves OSU. I do not get to talk to him as much as I use to but he says he is having a great time.

Ozone: What are your top 5 schools?

Trout: Cincinnati, Illinois, OSU, Wisconsin, I have offers from Illinois and Cincinnati. Wisconsin said the same thing as OSU; they want to see some more film and games. I also recently picked up an offer from Michigan State.

Ozone: Tell me about your recent visit to Michigan State? Where does OSU stand in relation to MSU?

Trout: I went with my parents to Michigan State. It was a good visit and I loved the atmosphere there in East Lansing and the coaches are great but I cannot say that MSU is ahead of OSU right now but I do have an offer from MSU and do not have one from OSU yet.

Ozone: Which coaches have you formed the closes relationships with?

Trout: Coach (Luke) Fickell and Warinner. Coach Fickell is my area recruiting coach.

Ozone: What is coach Fickell like?

Trout: We joke around a lot, he is relaxed and cool, try to keep it professional with coaches, never gets too deep.

Ozone: What about coach Warinner?

Trout: I have talked to coach Fickell more, but coach Warinner seems like a great coach; when I was at camp, he pulled me aside and gave me a lot of one-on-one time and helped me with things he had seen earlier. Pass footwork was one thing we worked on because our school does not pass much.

Ozone Quick Hitters with Kyle Trout:

What is your favorite book? Left Behind
Recent movie you enjoyed? Hunger Games
Favorite type of food? Meat
Favorite color? Red, I have red hair
Favorite Ice cream? Moose tracks
Hobbies? Sports , throw shot-put and disk in track, fish, work out, my pastor is my trainer and we built and indoor facility in our church.

*Thank you Kyle and we look forward to following you throughout your recruitment process. We wish you the best of luck and hope you are able to earn those offers from Ohio State and Wisconsin.

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