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Last updated: 08/23/2013 1:28 AM
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Basketball Recruiting
Five-Star Forward Mickey Mitchell Commits to Ohio State
By Tony Gerdeman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Thad Matta got some good news Thursday afternoon when Mickey Mitchell, the #15 player in the class of 2015 per Scout, offered up a verbal commitment to the Buckeyes' head basketball coach.

Mitchell, a 6-foot-8 250-pound point forward from Plano, Texas, is the younger brother of Mike Mitchell, a freshman linebacker on the Ohio State football team.

Mitchell was in Columbus visiting the University, as well as spending time with his brother over the last week.

While a few may have viewed this commitment as an inevitability, the timing of it came as a surprise to some.

"I learned probably less than hour ago or so," Mickey's father Ken told the-Ozone late Thursday afternoon.

"I didn't know. Somebody asked me if he was going to commit, and I said, 'No.' So then he calls and says, 'I'm committing', and I said, 'Okay'.

"We sent him up last week and he was just up for a visit, and then boom, one thing went to the other and that's what he did. I thought Ohio State had a great shot, I just didn't think – and if you would have asked Mickey, he would have said, 'No, I'm not committing' – so it was just take a look. He was very interested in Ohio State, but he said it was just the legendary status. When he got up there it was more than he expected."

The Ohio State coaching staff worked very hard to land the lanky lefty, and they had a little bit of help this week as well.

"He also said that the character of the coaching staff really struck him," Ken Mitchell said.

"And I think Coach Meyer and Coach Fickell were there and they helped each other, the football and basketball coaches both."

Although Mitchell is 6-foot-8, he handles the ball incredibly well and distributes it like a point guard. Thad Matta likes forwards who are versatile, and Mitchell is the very definition of that.

With two sons playing 900 miles away from home, it begs the question of just how often the Mitchells will be making the trek to Columbus to see their boys in action.

"We better hope we can jump on the Big Ten Network quite a bit," Mitchell laughed.

"We're gonna try to get up there for some of them. Heck it would probably be easier to move, but we can't do that."

Mickey Mitchell, by the way, is also a quarterback, though he will likely not be playing football this season. If you've watched his basketball highlights, then it shouldn't surprise you that he has thrown a no-look touchdown pass in his brief career already.

Oh, and if you were wondering if there are any more Mitchells in the pipeline, you might like what you hear next.

"There's two more coming behind them that I think are just as good," Mitchell said.

"That would be Kiwi (McKinley), he's just like Mike. Same position, same size, same speed. Just like Mike. He'll be a sophomore. He's about 6-foot-3 and two-hundred and something. He can flat hit you and he's fast.

"His little brother is coming out of the sixth grade, he's over six-foot and 160 pounds, and he's a heck of a quarterback."

As you can imagine, having a house full of growing football players can sometimes get out of hand. A few of those times are still embedded in the walls of the Mitchell home.

"We have a room where one of the walls has four-foot holes in it from them just knocking each other into it," he said.

"I tried to repair them, but after a while I said to heck with this. They were just knocking the snot out of each other going into the walls."

That training ground has apparently worked wonders. Both Mike and Mickey are five-star prospects and each had their pick of colleges.

Iron sharpens iron, just as brother sharpens brother...even if they have a little bit of drywall on them afterward.

For the Mitchell family, Thursday was a very good day, and it was one that brought both happiness and maybe a little bit of relief as well.

"We're really excited," Ken Mitchell said.

"As long as he's happy and that's where he wants to be, more power to him. It makes it a little easier on us."

Mickey Mitchell Football Highlights

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