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Football Recruiting
Interviewing Alex Bookser
By Michael Chung

There are at least two more spots for the 2014 class reserved for offensive linemen. With Marcelys Jones, Kyle Trout, and Jamarco Jones already committed, Ohio State is desperately trying to fill two more openings. One scholarship seems to be reserved for a Juco OL. The candidates for that spot are Jermaine Eluemunor, Chad Mavety, and Avery Gennessy. The final spot will be reserved for a high school star. Names like David Sharpe, Damian Prince, Demetrius Knox, Quenton Nelson, and Natrell Curtis have been tossed around, but one name OSU would love to add to 2014 is PA OL prospect Alex Bookser.  

Standing 6’6” 295 lbs. out of Mt. Lebanon, PA, Bookser just finished his second tour of Ohio State and came away with a positive experience. He has offers from Alabama, Michigan State, Northwestern, Tennessee, and Virginia but the two main threats to obtaining Bookser’s pledge will be Pitt and Penn State. He is rated a four-star prospect by 24/7 and a four-star prospect on the 24/7 composite. He took time to update the-Ozone on his recruitment.

Ozone: How was your OSU visit?
A: I enjoyed my visit to Ohio State, there was a lot of things I didn't get to see when I came the first time so I was glad to be able to get around and have some one-on-one time with Coach Fickell who was the one who showed me around since everyone else was on vacation.

Ozone: What did you do on your visit?
A: I talked to Coach Fickell with my dad for a while, then we toured the Woody Hayes and watched a highlight video, then Coach took me out and showed me the campus which I was very impressed with and was glad to finally be able to see.

Ozone: Do you have a top 3 and where is OSU?
A: Ohio State is one of my favorite schools, probably safe to say a top 3. Other two schools would be Pitt and Penn State.

Ozone: What did Urban Meyer say to you?
A: I wasn't able to talk with Coach this trip but I have in the past and he is a really great guy and one of the big reasons I even consider OSU. I grew up hating the Buckeyes because I was never a big Jim Tressel fan, but when Urban Meyer became head coach, I became more open to seeing what they had to offer.

Ozone: Is your offer "committable?"
A: Yes the offer was committable; they really respect me as a player and have made it clear that they'll take me in a heartbeat.

Ozone: Were you close to committing?
A: I wasn't close to committing, I've never really had that urge yet. I have so many good options so close to home so I really have to think through every single option.

Ozone: Who was your host? Were your parents with you?
A: Coach Fickell was my host and my father was there.

Ozone: When do you think you will decide?
A: I'm not sure when I'll commit, I'd still like to see a few schools and then maybe take some officials before I decide but that could change.

Ozone: What is your best position? Could you play anywhere on the line?
A: The only position I've ever player on offense is tackle and they are recruiting me for offense. I have no doubt I could play guard if I really had to but I'm going to work to be the best offensive tackle I can possibly be because that's what I know and that's where I'd like to stay.

Ozone Quick Hitters:
What is on your I-pod? I have an extremely wide variety of songs on my iPod. I listen to almost anything other than Electronic or dubstep or whatever you want to call it. I really like a lot of older music, stuff by Sam Cooke, Bill Withers and Roy Orbison. But I love rock music too like Zeppelin, The Eagles and Mellencamp. I've always loved rap music too but a lot of the stuff they've been putting out in the last few years has been garbage. I have a lot of Wu Tang and The Roots, and I'm a big Eminem fan. I spend so much of my time listening to music that's why I kind of rambled on this question.
Favorite food? My favorite food is probably Hamburgers; I am not a big fast food guy but when someone makes a really good burger, I'll take that over almost anything.
Favorite Movie? It's hard for me to pick a favorite movie, in my senior Bio for my school program I chose Braveheart but The Departed is also one of the best so it's hard to say
Favorite Restaurant? Favorite restaurant might be the local pizza place Mineo's Pizza. I grew up eating there and have so many good memories from that place. They have the best Sicilian pizza I've ever had.
Favorite college FB team growing up? My favorite teams growing up were Texas and Michigan. I loved Vince Young when he was at UT and he was my favorite player for a while. I still have that picture of him with the confetti flying around after he beat Southern Cal. I don't know where my love for Michigan came from, I just always played with them in NCAA and just kind of started following them...then it turns out they're one of the only schools in the north to not offer me so that one kind of hurt but it's life.
Favorite music band? My favorite band is either the Roots or Led Zeppelin. Both are really good
Pirates/Steelers or Phillies/Eagles? Pirates and Steelers! That will never change.

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