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Last updated: 08/05/2013 5:18 PM
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Football Recruiting
Buckeyes Trying to Change “Hats” for Chris Hardeman
By Michael Chung

Texas has long been a goldmine for college football talent. Ohio State currently has players like Dontre Wilson, Demetrius Knox, and JT Barrett that hail from the Lone Star state. Ever since Urban Meyer took over at OSU, the coaches have scoured the nation (and the world) looking for the top football talent and have frequented Texas much since the Meyer era began.

One lone star talent that received an early OSU offer is Houston, TX star DB Chris Hardeman, who recently de-committed from the SEC powerhouse LSU Tigers. LSU has been known to produce top notch DBs so stealing Hardeman away from the Hat could prove to be bountiful for the OSU secondary.

The current situation is similar to current Texas star Dontre Wilson, who had an early offer from the Buckeyes, committed to Oregon but de-committed later in the process. Could lightning strike twice? Hardeman took some time to update Ozone readers on his recruitment.

The-Ozone: You recently de-committed from LSU; what were the factors leading up to this de-commitment?
I did not feel comfortable with LSU anymore. It was no longer the right place for me. When God places things in your heart, you must listen.
The-Ozone: How did Les Miles take it?
I did not talk to coach Miles but I did call my positions coach, the defensive coordinator and the recruiting coordinator. They took it really bad but understood and wanted what is best for me.

The-Ozone: Even after your commitment, were you in contact with OSU coaches and specifically Kerry Coombs?
 I was. They can’t call me but I could call them so I stayed in contact.

 The Ozone: Have you talked to the OSU coaches since LSU de-commitment?
I have not had a chance to talk to them yet.

The Ozone: Do you already know OSU commits like fellow Texan Demetrius Knox or others?
I know Damon Webb and Meech and met Dante Booker at The Opening.

The-Ozone: which College coaching staff do you have the closest relationship with?
A lot, I feel close to OSU, Ole Miss, Oklahoma, Ok. State, Oregon, Georgia, SMU, and the University of Houston. I am taking things slowly.

The-Ozone: What is your top 3 or 5 right now?
I have no top 5 or even a top 10, it is all new to me and I am still adjusting to my LSU de-commitment. I am at ground zero.
The-Ozone: When do you think you will announce?
Not until I take all five visits, I can’t say which schools, I am just getting back into the recruiting arena, a lot is changing and has changed and a lot of factors have arisen that I can’t name at this time.

The-Ozone: What were Ohio State coaches saying to you in the past?
They said they like me a lot how I make plays on the football field. They like my aggressiveness and want me at their school. Damon Webb has tried to recruit me to, I was on his team at the Opening, and he really wanted me to come with him. Dante Booker was also trying to recruit me.

The-Ozone: If you were to verbally commit today, would OSU coaches accept your commitment? They would say yes. My offer is committable, all my offers are.

The-Ozone: Is OSU recruiting you as a cornerback? What other positions can you play? Corner

The-Ozone: OSU already has Damon Webb and are strongly recruiting DB’s Marshon Lattimore and Erick Smith, does this influence your recruitment? Not at all, competition does not influence me away from any school because it will push me to be the best I can be, that is why I was committed to LSU and I recruited players to play there because I want the best competition to bring out the best in me. While I was committed to LSU, I recruited players like Ed Parris to come so competition does not influence my decision to play anywhere. I want the best to bring out the best in me.

What is on your iPod? Jay-zee and Rick Ross
What is your best subject in school? English and I want to major in Broadcast Journalism
Favorite food? Barbeque
Favorite movie? Friday Night Lights
Favorite Youtube channel? I watch college football highlights
Which NFL player most resembles your game? Brandon Boykin
Have you played NCAA ’14 against anyone committed to OSU? Who? I don’t play online just against my dad. But I want to challenge Meech right now and I know I will win if we play.

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