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Football Recruiting
The Mind of Meech: The In-Home Visit
By Michael Chung

Recruiting is the lifeblood of any college football program. For Urban Meyer and Ohio State, it is a 24/7 365 day a year affair. One of the most important—if not the most important aspect—of the recruiting process is the in-home visit.

On Dec. 1, coaches were allowed six in-person off campus contacts per athlete until Feb. 1. The dead period, when coaches are not allowed to make personal contacts, runs from Dec. 16 until Jan. 15.

During the in-home visit, coaches sit down with families and explain to parents why their child should come to their school. Parents and players ask questions while coaches give answers. Sometimes, it can be dramatic if a parent or player asks a question that a coach is ill prepared to answer, but most of the time, it is just a nice time of getting to know one another. In some regards, this is the most vital aspect of the recruiting process and can seal the deal with those interested or already committed.

It was actually Chip Kelly’s in-home visit that sent Dontre Wilson Ohio State’s way. After sitting down with Wilson, Kelly proceeded to take the job with the Philadelphia Eagles. Losing trust in the Ducks,  Wilson dialed up Urban Meyer and became a Buckeye.  That experience was an anomaly. Usually, in-home visits produce much less drama.

Do you ever wonder what goes on during these in-home visits? In this edition of “The Mind of Meech,” Demetrius Knox will give Buckeye fans an inside look into his recent in–home visit with OSU.

The-Ozone: How long was your in-home visit with the Ohio State coaches?
It was a couple of hours, coach Herman came over to the house for a bit and then we went out to dinner.

The-Ozone: What did coach say to you that got you excited?
Coach Herman is up there with one of my favorite coaches in the country, he's a real cool guy. We just sat back ate and had fun, him, my mom, and me.

The-Ozone: Parents thoughts on OSU after visit?
My mom has always loved Ohio State as a place for me. A lot of my family is up there so it's basically like we're going back home again. And I'd say my family is split in two: an Ohio side and a Michigan side. We don't talk much to the family we have in Michigan, haha.

The-Ozone: Anything you learned new about OSU? Not really, just the same old. They told me we were sitting well with Dixon and McMillan.

The-Ozone: What questions did you ask? What answers were given? What questions did they ask and answers given? They just wanted to know what weight I'm at and told me that I will be coming in from the jump and getting playing time. I told the coaches that I'm coming in to take over the LG spot and they said that from what they've seen, they think I can if I work hard enough

The-Ozone: Whom else were they going to visit in TX?
They visited Solomon Thomas and the 2015 quarterback Stidham.

Demetrius Knox and girlfriend
Photo courtesy of Demetrius Knox

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