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Last updated: 12/26/2012 10:26 AM

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Football Recruiting
Marcelys Jones Gives Buckeye Nation a Christmas Gift
By Michael Chung

This Urban Meyer guy just never stops. His recruiting dead periods make other coaches’ recruiting periods seem sporific.

Unlike many past Cleveland-Glenville commits, Marcelys Jones committed to the 2014 class before some have even offered up their 2013 pledges. Coach Ted Ginn Sr. usually wants his players to think through thoroughly this decision but for Jones, it was clear the decision he wanted to make. His cousin, Donovan Munger, committed just a few weeks before but Marcelys indicated that his cousin’s commitment did not influence him.  the-Ozone’s Tony Gerdeman wrote that Ohio State has signed a player from Cleveland-Glenville in every class since 2002 with the exception of 2011, which they did receive a commitment from Cardale Jones. Marcelys Jones insures that 2014 is accounted for and the Buckeyes are awaiting Christopher Worley’s final decision for 2013. It looks like the C-G pipeline will continue to flow down to Columbus for a while. Jones also indicated that the class behind him at C-G is loaded with D-1 talent that he hopes will join him at OSU. He took time to give us the inside scoop.

Ozone: Why did you commit so early? Jones: I felt like it was the right place for me. My family likes it there, I like it, it is a great coaching staff, they will contend for BCS titles almost every year, great place to be. A lot of Glenville kids go there and come out successful, it is a perfect fit.

Ozone: When did you originally want to commit, some sites indicated you tried to commit earlier but Urban Meyer said to wait? Jones: Urban Meyer told me to think about a few things, he did not want to rush it. He just wants me to make sure Ohio State was where I wanted to be. I never tried to commit early, there were rumors but I never tried so the rumors were false. I talked to Meyer Christmas morning, he told me to think some things and make sure this is where I needed to be. I felt it in my gut that I wanted to be there, Glenville coaching staff and my family was very supportive too.

Ozone: What did the coaches say as far as your position. Some have indicated that you maybe on defense? Jones: It is up in the air. I am not concerned about my position; my focus is on my senior year. I will think about my college position after my senior year and will play wherever will help the team win. I love both sides of the ball, and love the game of football as a whole. Offense or defense, I started on offensive but I am fine with playing defense.

Ozone: Tell me how your mother’s legacy influenced your decision? Jones: She influenced it a lot. I grew up watching OSU and they were one of her favorite teams. Ohio State was her dream; she went to OSU and wanted the best for me. I feel like I owe this to her. I owe it to my mom to be successful so that I can take care of my younger brother and family.

Ozone: Tell me about the status of Marshon and Chris? What are the chances all three of you will play together? Jones: I really could not say. I do not know. I would love to play with those guys. I know Meyer would love them. Chris is thinking through making sure this is where he wants to be. I do not know why he is waiting, it is his decision. Ginn tells us if we need to wait, wait! Chris will make the best decision for himself. He is a good teammate and leader.

Ozone: Anyone else at Glenville you think will come to OSU? Jones: The class behind me will have a lot of talent. Matthew Drapper is a hard worker and I would love to have him on my team. The sophomore class behind me has a lot of talent. I see a lot of those guys receiving an OSU offer.

Ozone: Whom in the 2014 class have you talked to? Dante Booker, Raekwon McMillan, I have talked to a lot of recruits and will continue to talk to more when I get home. I am also trying to talk to Bradley Roby when I get to Atlanta.

Ozone: Do you think Bradley Roby will stay at OSU or enter the NFL draft? Jones: I think he is staying at OSU for next season but I am not 100% sure. I think it is more likely he would enter the draft after next year but again, I am not sure as I have not talked to him and have just heard through sources around the team. I hope to connect with him when I am in Atlanta.

Thank you so much Marcelys for taking time to interview with us again. Ozone will be watching you and hopes to reconnect from time-to-time over the offseason, during your senior year, and beyond.

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