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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 07/30/2013 1:30 AM
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Football Recruiting
The Inside Story of the Demetrius Knox Commitment
By Michael Chung

The-Ozone: What were you thinking back in March when you visited OSU with Gresh? Were you already planning on de-committing from TX?

A: I was thinking: “Let me go check out the school I've been loving since the 2nd grade!” And yes it was on my mind to de-commit from TX.

The-Ozone: After saying UCLA was leading, what made you decide to commit to OSU? Was UCLA ever really the leader?

A: UCLA was very much so my leader. It's just I had a long talk with family and I thought about it real hard. I have tons of family in Ohio so my support base would be great! I'd get a great degree and I'd be able to play for a team that will be competing for a national championship every year. Can't go wrong with that.

The-Ozone: Which coaches took it the hardest when you told them you were committing to Ohio State?

A: I'd probably say Florida coaches but everyone really understood.

The-Ozone: What was Urban Meyer's reaction when you told him you were verbally committing?

A: He was very excited and surprised I pulled the trigger this early. All the coaches were there and they were all fired up.

The-Ozone: Was the fact that there were only 2-3 spots left for the OL in this year's class a factor and that there were other OL thinking of committing?

A: Not at all, I talked to coach Warriner and Meyer and they told me repeatedly that they would always save a spot for me and I didn't need to rush.

The-Ozone: How excited is Gresh that you will only be 200 miles away and have you guys already planned to have regular hang out times?

A: Haha it's real nice and yes we were talking about whenever we have free time how we'll go on vacation together.

The-Ozone: You said you were going to start your freshman year; what do the coaches think and say when you tell them that?

A: They agree 100% with me. When I came and visited in March, I told coach Warinner that I wasn't trying to be cocky but if I end up coming here then I'm starting for you freshman year and he agreed. When I committed, Urban Meyer said he just watched all my film again and he was like “oh my god! This kid will be ready to play as a true freshman.” He told all his coaches to make sure I'm ready to go.

The-Ozone: Which recruiting targets have you contacted since you committed to OSU?

A: Damien Prince and Raekwon McMillan so far, but there are some more I can't wait to talk to.

The-Ozone: Will you graduate from HS early and enroll early at OSU?

A: No, I can't because I go to private school and even if I could, I wouldn't. I can't leave my boys that soon!
The-Ozone: Your mom said she will move back to OH, does she already have a job secure?

A: She's a retired corrections officer so she's good.

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