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Last updated: 01/03/2014 6:17 PM
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Football Recruiting
Glenville Duo Set to Commit at Saturday's Army All-American Game
By Tony Gerdeman and Michael Chung

Saturday's Army All-American Bowl (1:00 pm NBC) features seven Ohio State commitments, and the possibility remains that that number could grow to nine with the in-game commitments of Glenville defensive backs Marshon Lattimore and Erick Smith. News, however, broke on Thursday via Steve Wiltfong of 247Sports that Smith wouldn't be announcing, and instead would look to take a couple of official visits elsewhere, namely Michigan State and Michigan.

The news of Smith's delay was a bit of a surprise given that both players said that they knew which school they were choosing when they spoke with The-Ozone earlier in the week.

Late Friday afternoon, however, Smith announced that he would still be announcing at the game on Saturday, tweeting that he and Lattimore would both be committing and that “we had a plan a long time ago & we're sticking to it.”

With Ohio State and Glenville, there is almost a feel of 'right of first refusal', where OSU can pick and choose who they want. Location, program stature, and the fact that plenty of former Glenville teammates are already in the program are definitely alluring for both players, but ultimately they are both looking for the best fit.

“Location is important, but it's all about where we want to go and where we feel at home,” Lattimore told The-Ozone while in San Antonio prepping for the Army All-American Bowl.

“We've been on the road for the past year dang near every month, so we've gotten a taste of being away from home, so it's not that big to us,” added Smith.

Next year there will be three former Glenville Tarblooders on the Ohio State roster in Devan Bogard, Chris Worley and Cardale Jones. While it is no small matter, it's also not necessarily a decider for Lattimore.

“It's important, but then it again it's also important where we fit in,” he said.

“It's great to have former players from Glenville on the team in college, but we've got us, so we'll be good wherever we go.”

“It's not really important,” said Smith, who didn't deny that he and Lattimore were a package deal.

“It's just nice knowing that we could play on the next level with the teammates that we played with in high school.”

While most everybody expects both to end up as Buckeyes, what would be the reaction if they went back to Glenville committed somewhere else?

“You know how fans are,” Lattimore said, “they love if you if you're going to their school, but then hate you if you go somewhere else. It would be crazy, but it won't really affect me.”

“Twitter would go crazy, I know that,” Smith added quite prophetically, laughing.

It shouldn't come as a surprise then that after the news of Smith's delay reached a panicked public, Lattimore tweeted “Having fun with the media lol”, as well as tweeting that people were going to be surprised by both of their decisions.

While both players appear to be having a bit of fun, there is also the not-so-small matter of teammate Marcelys Jones, an offensive lineman who is also playing in Saturday's game. He is currently committed to the Buckeyes, but is also apparently interested in Kentucky.

Where do his teammates think he'll end up?

“I believe he's 100% to Ohio State,” Smith said. “He's just seeing what other schools have to offer.”

“I haven't really talked to him about that,” Lattimore added.

“But I'm sure that he just has to pick the best school for him, whichever it is, Kentucky or Ohio State. I haven't really talked to him, so I can't really tell you 100%.”

While Lattimore can't say where Jones will end up, he can say where he himself will end up, and as long as things go as scheduled, he'll be making that announcement on Saturday afternoon. And as of this moment, to the relief of anticipatory Buckeye fans, Smith will be doing the same.

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