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The Mind of Meech: Inside the Head of Demetrius Knox
By Michael Chung

Demetrius Knox dreamed about playing for Ohio State ever since he was in the second grade, but dreams can take a slight detour.

An All-American lineman, Knox committed to Texas in late November 2012. However things got a little interesting. Despite a “no visit policy” imposed by Mack Brown, Demetrius and his close friend— Daniel Gresham— decided to take a trip to Columbus to see what was up with Ohio State in late March.

Texas fans were up in arms, worried sick that these two prized recruits would de-commit. Longhorn fans’ nightmares came to fruition when both decided to de-commit and look elsewhere. For a while, Knox flirted with Miami and UCLA but in the end, his heart lead him back home.

Demetrius Knox
Photo courtesy of Demtrius Knox
Demetrius Knox

But that has not stopped current UT coach Mack Brown, who himself is on the hot seat, from trying to lure Meech back to the Longhorns: “Mack has tried many times to get me to come back to UT,” Knox said.

“He wants me to come and visit but I do not think that will happen. He keeps telling me I have a place at Texas.” Knox goes on to say, “ I think Urban Meyer would kill me if I visited, I have made my decision and it is Buckeye.”

Does Meech think Mack will be fired? “I do not know, I would say they move him to Athletic Director.”

Meech is in a unique position of knowing two of the highest profile coaches personally. How do they compare?

“Mack is more like a grandfather who cares about how you feel,” Knox said.

“Coach Meyer cares about you but shoots you straight, if you are good, he will tell you that you are good but if you stink, then he will tell you that you stink, Meyer really pushes you.”

He goes on to say: “When I was looking at head coaches to play for, I looked at what they majored in. Many majored in communications but Urban Meyer majored in Psychology. He is good at handling players and putting them in situations to test them, all the time, Meyer is testing you mentally, when he talks to you, he is testing you.”

Meech is a hard worker and focused on his season but he also has one eye on Columbus. Recruiting is the heartbeat of Ohio State football and Meech definitely is working on trying to bring the best to Ohio.

Demetrius Knox
Photo courtesy Demetius Knox
Demetrius Knox

“I think and am hoping that Mike Gesicki and Raekwon McMillan commit,” Knox said.

“Every time I talk to them, it sounds to me like Ohio State is really high in their sights.”

He is not just focused on recruiting but loves the guys in the 2014 class.

“Everybody in the class is great,” Knox said.

“I think all the current commits have the talent to be in one of the two premiere high school all star games.(Knox is playing in the Army All American Bowl, the other premiere bowl would be the Under Armour All Star Game) .

“They are not just great football players, everyone in the 2014 class so far is a great person.”

Knox goes on to say, “The OSU coaches are not just looking for great football players, they also want great people. I connect with everyone in the class. Damon Webb is quiet at first but once he gets to know you, he can talk non-stop. Stephen Collier is a really cool dude, he has the QB mentality: cool with everyone, does not get too high or too low.

Demetrius Knox and Damon Webb
Photo courtesy of Demetrius Knox
Damon Webb and Demetrius Knox

"Sam Hubbard, he is really fun guy and always smiling.

"Kyle Trout, he surprised me, he is more athletic than I am and it bugs me. His vertical is higher than mine and his 40 time is faster.

"Jamarco is a flat out beast, he is ultra competitive in everything he does, even video games. I can never beat him at any of them.”

One thing Meech cannot stand is Michigan. A llifelong Buckeye fan, Meech says “I have big hatred for Michigan. My girlfriend is thinking about going to Michigan (she is a highly recruited volleyball player) and it irks me. I think she is doing it on purpose to get under my skin.”

She also has an offer from Ohio State, long before Meech committed and has offers from virtually every top volleyball school. Meech goes on to say, “People I see who are interested in Michigan, there is just a big question in my head. I just do not see how anyone can be interested in that program.”

Meech’s love for Ohio State is not alone in the Knox household.

“My dad was really excited when I took my official visit to Ohio State, he is a really big fan. My mother wanted me to go to OSU too but TCU was a close second.

"My mom would have supported me wherever I went but she did tell me that I would have a better support base and have better opportunities at Ohio State. I am so excited about getting to Columbus, as soon as my football season in Texas ends I am going to train really hard. I will hit the weight room and work out hard to get ready for when I step on campus.”

Meech’s visit went great. He hung out with the guys, talked to potential commits, and enjoyed the game and campus. But one highlight that people do not realize is that Meech, despite living in Texas where a great hamburger is around every corner, ate a Rally’s burger, his favorite.

“No disrespect to anyone or anything but eating Rally’s was a tie for the best experience I had on my visit,” Knox said.

“Even though everything about my visit went amazing, I am a huge Rally’s fan and it was great to eat a Rally’s burger before I went back to Texas.” 

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