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Established October 31, 1996
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Last updated: 11/05/2013 3:29 AM
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Football Recruiting
Mind of Meech Part 2: Demetrius Knox Responds to the-Ozone.net Reader’s Questions
By Michael Chung

Demetrius Knox
Photo courtesy of Demetrius Knox
Demetrius Knox

If you missed the first installment of “The Mind of Meech” in which we probed Demetrius Knox for insight into the world of Ohio State football, you missed a lot. He gave us insights into subjects like Mack Brown, Urban Meyer, and his athletic girlfriend who also has an offer from Ohio State to play volleyball. You can read the first installment here.

Knox dreamed of playing for Ohio State since the second grade and de-commited from Texas, in part, because the Buckeyes never left his heart. Now he is on his way to play for his childhood dream school but is giving Ohio State fans an early insight into who he is and how he sees Ohio State football.  ”

In this installment, Knox responds to the-Ozone readers and the questions they want him to answer. I have edited some of the questions from their original form but have preserved their essence. Without further adieu, here is Meech.

Dear Meech: Have you been told that you can start as a freshman?
They told me as soon as my season is over that I have to step it up a notch because they are going to need me to come in from day one and compete.

Dear Meech: Are you aware of Troy Smith's fondness for In-n-Out Burgers? Have you heard of Wolfenburger's in Pasadena (where he'll hopefully be going at least once in his tOSU career)?
Haha I've heard. I love burger spots, and we will definitely be out there.

Dear Meech: Do you mind 110,000 people shouting MEEEEEEECHHHHHHH! after a pancake block;) Welcome to Buckeye Nation!
It's going to be crazy running out in front of all those peoples, I can't wait. Ohio State really does have the best fan base.

Dear Meech: Are you coming in January or June?
My school won't let me graduate early, but I wouldn't leave early even if I could. I'm going to miss everything here.

Dear Meech: When Mack Brown put the "No visit policy" on him (after he committed I presume) did that kind of set off a "don't tell me what I can and can't do" reaction for you?
No, I respected that order but at the same time I had to do what was best for me, and that was Ohio State.

Dear Meech: What are your thoughts as far as the perception of the B1G being a weak conference? Have you talked about it with other recruits?
It is a weak conference but Ohio State can't control those other teams. We just have to go out and win.

Dear Meech: How do you feel about the way some media outlets try to downplay our awesome streak that we are in?
I mean it’s understandable. Until we face an Alabama or Oregon, they'll never know. We have to make it to the big game to shut them up.

Meech: What player or players that you have gone head-to-head with or have seen in person were standouts?
My three favorite D linemen in the 2014 class are De’shawn Hand, Derrick Nnadi and the D tackle committed to Virginia I think, his last name is Brown.

Meech: Who do you look at in this recruiting class that really has the juice or might be special in his opinion?
I mean I have a lot of friends who are top recruits, too many to name. I'm just happy I got a chance to meet them all.

That is it for this edition of “The Mind of Meech.” Send in your questions to Demetrius Knox for the next issue and get all your Ohio State recruiting questions answered from a verbal commitment in the class of 2014.


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