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Last updated: 01/30/2014 6:06 AM
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Football Recruiting
Random Thoughts from the Recruiting Trail on Jamarco Jones, Chris Clark, and Drew Richmond
By Michael Chung

The big news this week is “where will Jamarco Jones end up?” Buckeye fans have endured a great deal of drama at the OL recently. Demetrius Knox flirted with visiting Texas and UCLA but a visit from Urban Meyer and Co. helped quell the curiosity.

With Jamarco Jones, things seem different. I have been digging as much as I can and have these observations:

1. Sources close to both MSU and OSU seem to believe they will end up with Jamarco.

2. The sources that favor Jones to MSU appear to be closer to him personally, but . . .

3. Some odd reasons have come up as to why Jones would flip, it is common knowledge about his relationship with Mike Vrabel was strong and many believe Vrabel to the NFL is the source of the issue but sources say there is more, what this more has not been stated.

4. The only “more” I could find out was a source believed OSU adding Brady Taylor caused Jones some discomfort. I find this highly unbelievable. Jones is a very intelligent young man, taking courses like AP History. He would be well aware of OSU’s quest for a 5th lineman and would not have been swayed either way had OSU ended up with the likes of Chad Mavety, Avery Gennessy, Frank Ragnow, or Alex Bookser.

5. Jones has gone on record saying he has not talked to the media so most of what is being said is speculation. The fact that he is allowing OSU an in-home visit tells me it is 50/50 OSU/MSU. Ozone’s own Tony Gerdeman had these thoughts: “Jones... MSU has an in-home this week where they will try to make sure he takes an official visit. OSU will then try to convince him not to make that visit. If he does make the visit, you can probably consider him Green. If he doesn't, then breathe easy.” I think Gerd is 100% right. This story will be over soon.

2015 TE prospect Chris Clark is racking up the offers and is clearly interested in Ohio State. Many reports out there have Clark leaning Ohio State but in talking to him personally, he is very interested in many schools, OSU being one of them. He visits Georgia this weekend and my guess is Mark Richt’s Bulldogs will bolt into first position. Clark will visit many schools, OSU will be one, and would like to decide before the season. It is safe to say that 3 of his top 5 are: Ohio State, Georgia, and Michigan, but he will take his visits and then decide.

One prospect everyone is after is 2015 TN OL Drew Richmond. He told me that so many coaches have stopped by this week that his head was spinning. He had Nick Saban on Tuesday, Urban Meyer on Wednesday and Will Muschamp on Thursday to name a few.

Richmond said many 7th graders were getting their picture taken with Urban Meyer and Meyer was complying graciously. They talked (Meyer and Richmond) but a few seconds according to Richmond but Drew knew Meyer’s purpose was to say hi to him.

Nick Saban came during school and told Richmond that he was a priority and compared Drew to Cam Robinson. One thing is clear, everyone is out to get Drew Richmond.

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