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Football Recruiting
Random Thoughts on the Recruiting Trail, October 16th
By Michael Chung

The big news this week is that Mike Gesicki will announce his decision on Friday and everyone is trying to figure out where he will go.

Analysts are divided but some have switched over from OSU to Penn State based on the weekend visit.

I had a chance to interact with Gesicki on Monday. He first informed me that Friday would be the decision day. Trying to get Gesicki to tip his hand where he may commit, I asked: “Have you made up your mind? “ In which he replied, “Not yet.”

Then I asked: “Is it like 53% PSU, 47% OSU approximately?” and he replied, “Not at all... I don't have a percentage at all.”

I then asked him if he was leaning PSU and he replied “No.”

He later told me he last talked to Urban Meyer on Friday, right before his PSU visit. This tells me OSU was significantly on Gesicki’s radar before he set foot onto PSU. I later asked him if he planned on talking to Meyer again and he replied, “Not sure.” And then I asked if Meyer had called since Friday and he said no, but via twitter, we later found out that he and Meyer indeed did talk soon after our interaction.

Later, I communicated, “Is distance to home a factor?” Gesicki’s reply: “Not the distance between home and those two schools, No*.”

Then I messaged: “Does the fact that PSU cannot play for a BCS title for a few years help OSU?” In which Gesick replied, “Not at all I want to play football and I can do that at either school.”

For what it is worth, my impression after my interaction was that it is 50/50 between PSU and OSU. He officially eliminated Rutgers after his PSU visit but the-Ozone had good sources during his OSU official visit that indicated Rutgers had been eliminated before he came to Columbus.

In the end, I think Gesicki goes Buckeye but will not be surprised in the least if he follows Bill O’Brien and PSU.

the-Ozone did have a chance to interview Bill O’Brien and I found him to be pure class. You can watch his the-Ozone interview here. But Ohio State is Ohio State and Urban Meyer is Urban Meyer and in the end I see Gesicki going Scarlet and Gray.

Other Thoughts

OL Frank Ragnow received an offer this week from Ohio State. The-Ozone reported that Ragnow was on the OSU radar before Friday Night Lights in late July. After almost three months, Ragnow now has an offer.

Some think that Ragnow being offered is a sign OSU does not feel confident they can sign one of these three OLs: Chad Mavety, Damian Prince, and Alex Bookser. I asked Chad Mavety if he was still talking to Urban Meyer and he responded that he still talks to Meyer constantly.

If Mavety has not committed by the time he visits November 23 for the Indiana game, I like OSU’s chances. No other official visitor is scheduled and only 2015 LB prospect Justin Hilliard is listed on the visit list so Meyer will put the full court press on Mavety just like he did with Noah Brown when everyone was predicting Brown would go to Rutgers. Will lightning strike twice?

FSU is lurking for Mavety and if OSU loses out in any way, it will be to the Seminoles.

Shawn Boone out of West Palm Beach, FL was supposed to visit during the Wisconsin game but ended up not coming on his visit and it does not appear that he has rescheduled. I have been trying to reach him for comment but he has not responded. This leads me to believe that OSU is all in for Erick Smith out of Cleveland-Glenville. With limited scholarships, it does not look like Boone will be the one to continue the ten-year recruiting streak that has included a FL football star in the OSU recruiting classes.

I asked sources about Florida stand out WR Travis Rudolph, whom Stephen Collier raved about, but it appears he too, maybe a victim of scholarship limits. It looks like Rudolph is staying in Florida with the Seminoles or Gators but it will be interesting to see how OSU recruiting changes once the scholarship limitations are lifted next year and OSU returns to an 85 person roster. Rudolph is not the speedster that Johnnie Dixon is and it appears that if 2014 will include a FL recruit, it will have to be Dixon, not Rudolph or Boone.

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