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Last updated: 09/29/2013 8:49 PM
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Football Recruiting
Sunday Recruiting Rundown Recapping Weekend Visitors for Wisconsin Game
By Michael Chung

Recruiting RundownThis weekend was not only one of the biggest games of the season but one of the two most important recruiting weekends. Around 50 college football targets for 2014 and 2015 graced the campus of OSU.

Urban Meyer pulled out all the stops, soliciting Lebron James to address the team and have the NBA superstar occupied the sidelines while recruits from all over watched.

There are still some sour grapes Ohio fans have against King James. He was being booed during his skull session address but turned it around when he announced that if he had gone to college, it would have been Ohio State.

The atmosphere was electric and crazy like all big game atmospheres are at OSU. Before a nationally televised audience, the Buckeyes won over their archrival (but not as arch as TTUN) Wisconsin 31-24 and face an even stiffer test next week when they travel to 16th ranked Northwestern in the Windy City. What was once equivalent to a home game for OSU will not become a hostile environment as Chicago will turn purple next Saturday.

This week’s format will take on a different look than previous updates because I will exclusively focus on recruits who made the weekend visit.

The short of the long is that I did not hear of anyone who did not have a great time on his visit. The Buckeyes did their job and everyone left impressed.

Sources have told me that Mike Gesicki had a really good time but could not discern if he would commit on the visit. He was still going to visit other places but one thing that was mentioned is that it appears Rutgers is on the outside looking in as Gesicki’s visit to Rutgers was not a very good one. Though Gesicki has not publicly eliminated the Scarlet Knights, based on sources, it looks like the hometown team could be on its way out like a Lane Kiffin firing.

I talked directly to RB Mike Weber and DE Joshua Alibi out of Cass Tech. Damon Webb and his family were driving them down to OSU and back. They had a great visit, enjoyed the atmosphere, talked to coaches, and had OSU high on their list. It sounded like OSU made great strides for each, though neither named a leader, OSU is clearly one of their top schools as of now. If the Cass Tech pipeline continues, this weekend was huge in their recruitment. Both have OSU offers for 2015 and both mentioned Webb being an OSU commit would be a factor favoring OSU. Getting a MI player out of Cass Tech is not easy but the Buckeyes made great strides with these two.

I tried to get information from people who interacted with KS TE DeAndre Goolsby, CA ATH John “Ju Ju” Smith, Cleveland-Glenville star athletes Erick Smith and Marshon Lattimore, and FL WRs Travis Rudolph and Johnnie Dixon. Sources did not feel there was an imminent commitment from anyone but indicated everyone had a great time.  If OSU really wanted any of these afore mentioned names, this weekend did nothing but enhance their chances. Most believe Smith and Lattimore are leaning OSU but I would not be surprised if one more commitment arose from the likes of John Smith, Travis Rudolph, DeAndre Goolsby, and Johnnie Dixon.

With Lane Kiffin fired from USC and John Smith having a great weekend visit, one wonders if OSU has moved up for this five star athlete. If Smith indeed decides to go east to Ohio State, this weekend will be when the tide turned.

OSU recruitnicks have nothing but hope, as the weekend could not have gone better. With only 4-6 spots remaining for 2014, do not be surprised if a few of the above mentioned names fill out spots for 2014 and beyond.

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